NASA's MAVEN makes its way into Mars Orbit

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Washington, Sept 22: A 10-month long journey may finally culminate into a success story later this week, as NASA's MAVEN spacecraft has begun orbiting Mars on Sunday. The main agenda of the mission was ti study how the Red Planet's climate changed overtime from warm and wet to being cold and dry.

Dave Folta of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center said,"Based on observed navigation data, congratulations. MAVEN is now in orbit." This would be the first of its kind mission to the study the red planet's upper atmosphere. This mission will be the key understand why the water on Mars dried and the Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere vanished several years ago.

This will be key to several mysteries pertaining to the planet's sustainability of life and possibility to support life if humans travelled there.

An official of the MAVEN science team said,"Mars is a cool place, but there is not much atmosphere. It is very cold, it is well below zero. The atmosphere is about half a percent of what we are breathing." He further added,"But we know that Mars could change and it was probably different in the past. There is a lot of evidence of flowing water on the surface from Mars's ancient history."

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