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Nag panchami 2019: Date, Time, Puja Vidhi, Vrat, Muhurat, History, Significance


New Delhi, Aug 03: Naga Panchami 2019 is observed on the Shukla Paksha Panchami during the Hindu calendar month of Savan. And this time it is celebrated on Aug 05. Some of the regional names of Nag Panchami Festival are Bhratru Panchami, Bishari Puja, Naga Vardhini Panchami, etc.

As per the Gregorian calendar Nag Panchami falls in month of July or August. It is celebrated two days after Hariyali Teej. On this day women pray for the well-being of their brothers and families. They worship the Nag Devta (the Lord of serpents) and offer milk to them.

Nag panchami 2019: Date, Time, Puja Vidhi, Vrat, Muhurat, History, Significance

Significance of Naga Panchami 2019:

According to mythology, a deadly snake Kalia had invaded and poisoned Yamuna river and wrecked havoc for people of Brindavan. Krishna, as a child Avatar of Lord Vishnu, one day on the pretext of a ball falling down in the river ended up wrestling with Kalia and eventually defeating him and emerged dancing on the head of the ferocious naga. The Snake thus acquired the feet impressions of the Lord. The story is called as the "Kaliya Mardan" It is also believed that seeing the footprints of Lord Krishna- the Avatar of Lord Vishnu, Garuda(the eagle) who is the natural enemy of the serpent, does not harm it.

Kalia then took away all the poison from the river and Lord Krishna in return blesses him that on this day of Panchami whosoever will offer milk and prayers to the snakes, will get expiated of any hardships in times to come.

Nag Panchami 2019: Pujam timings

  • Puja Vidhi Muhurat Aug 5, Mon 06:20 AM 08:54 AM
  • Nag Panchami Tithi Aug 5, Mon 03:54 PM

Nag Panchami 2019 Puja Muhurat = 05:51 to 08:29

Nag Panchami 2019 Puja Mantra:

नाग प्रीता भवन्ति शान्तिमाप्नोति बिअ विबोह्

सशन्ति लोक मा साध्य मोदते सस्थित समः

Nag Panchami 2019 Puja Vrat:

Fast is also observed on Nag Panchami and the Brahmins are fed. The fast before Nag Panchami is known as Nag Chaturthi or Nagul Chavithi. On this day, digging the earth is forbidden as it might kill the snakes who live inside the earth.

The festival of Nag Panchami 2019 is observed by Hindus throughout India and traditionally dedicated to the worship of Nag Devata. As per the Hindu calendar, the worship of serpent god.

It is believed that any prayers offered to the snakes would be well received by Naga Devata. Hence snakes (as a representation of Nag Devata) are worshipped

by the Hindus. There are many serpent gods revered in the Vedas, but those worshiped on Nag Panchami are Ananta, Vasuki, Shesha, Padma, Kambala,

Karkotaka, Ashvatara, Dhritarashtra, Shankhapala, Kaliya, Takshaka and Pingala.

Naag Panchami 2019: How it is celebrated?

Naag Panchami 2019 is observed by devotees through cleaning the house inside out, worshipping of snakes, Puja's, holy offerings of food and chanting of mantras. A snake is crafted out of cow dung on the day of Naag Panchami and placed at the doorstep. Milk, Kusha grass, sandalwood, Akshat (holy grains of rice) are offered to the snake. The snake deity is bathed in milk, which is believed to forgive your sins. Preparation of special food made with Sevai (vermicelli), rice items and laddoo. As per Skanda Purana evidence, worshipping snakes of chamatkarpur will lead to the fulfilment of your wishes.

What are the benefits of worshipping the snakes?

It is said that praying the snakes removes fears in life, and brings good health, wealth, peace, and prosperity in life. It is an auspicious day to meditate on the mooladhar chakra, and it helps to achieve peace and happiness in life

Popular places where Nag Panchami 2019 is celebrated:

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