Muslim law board hiding facts on talaq, say community's 14 other bodies

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As the case regarding 'Triple Talaq,' a process of giving divorce in Islam, is picking up speed in the Supreme Court, deep divisions on the defence of the practice within the community have come to light.

The top court which is hearing the case regarding the validity of this form of divorce, had received an affidavit from the All India Muslim Personal Board (AIMPLB) in favour of the practice, another outfit made up of 14 Muslim organisations had slammed the board for not mentioning the method of talaq practised by other sects such as Ahle Hadees and Jafri (Shia) sects, which are two major subsets of the community.

Muslim law board hiding facts on talaq, say community's 14 other bodies

The All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, which represents these organisations, had taken this stand, months before the union government had called AIMPLB's affidavit 'misogynist' which said that men were superior to women and therefore had the right to irrevocably divorce through the practice of 'Triple talaq.'

The two sects differ from the board, as they allow the process of reconciliation and meditation between the couple as they consider talaq uttered thrice in one sitting as one talaq. The outfit had accused the board of only representing the Hanafi school of thought.

In a letter written to AIMPLB chief Maulana Syed Rabe Nadvi, in October last year, the body had reportedly criticised the board's stand and said that it would only lead to the strengthening of allegations that the community considers woman inferior to men and fuel further anger against it.

It further added that the board was not revealing the facts related to other sects which do not allow triple talaq and focus more on reconciliation and mediation. "The board is not a platform of just one sect (of Muslims), but it also has people belonging to Ahle Hadees and Jafri sects. Therefore, it is not proper for the board to represent just Hanafi and Sunni sects in the court," the letter has been reported to have said.

Mushawarat's president Naved Hamid has reportedly said that the board has not responded to the letters sent by them which raised objections to loopholes in the affidavit presented in the apex court and has blamed it for not presenting a strong case for the community. Many leading Muslim bodies like Jamaaet-e-Islami and Jamiatul Ulema-e-Hind, are represented by the umbrella body.

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