Mullah Omar has a sense of humour, but where is he?

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New Delhi, May 28: Mullah Omar will always remain an enigma and the man who is capable of killing thousands is for some strange reason camera shy. The one eyed supreme commander of the Taliban is around somewhere and while one could question his effectiveness today, for the Taliban he is extremely important because of the cult status that he enjoys.

The recent publication of Mullah Omar's 5000 word biography was a sign of desperation on part of the Taliban. Omar was last seen in the year 2001 and after that he has gone into hibernation.

Mullah Omar has a sense of humour, but where is he?
Whether he is effective or not, dead or alive is a subject matter of debate. In whichever state he is, Mullah Omar is extremely important for the Taliban as they are well aware of what happened to the Al-Qaeda in the region after the death of Osama Bin Laden.

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The Mullah Omar biography:

Reading through the entire biography posted by the Taliban on Mullah Omar, it gives the impression that they are conveying a desperate message regarding their leader. It also suggests that they are making a desperate attempt to tell their fighters and also the rest of the world that Mullah Omar is very much in business.

The Taliban goes on to write that Mullah Omar is a man of courage who never loses his temper. He does not have a home or a bank account. He has a special sense of humour and treats everyone as equal. He has no superiority complex and treats all as equals, the Taliban also writes.

So, where is Mullah Omar?

The million dollar question is where is Mullah Omar. Is he really on the battle field, is he in a cave or is he is in some ISI guarded compound in Abottabad. None of the intelligence agencies around the world are able to give a clear picture about his location.

Indian Intelligence Bureau officials say that he is very much alive. He could have been kept in a safe house in Afghanistan itself now. There were indications that he was being housed in Pakistan and moved out after the Bin Laden raid. Intelligence officials however say that looking at the manner in which the Taliban is struggling to keep its flock united, it does not appear as though Mullah Omar is as active as he used to be.

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The Taliban however has a different story. They say he is being tracked every single day and that is why he is not out in the open. Despite being tracked every single day, he never fails to perform his duties. All the tracking has not changed his daily routine and he follows and inspects Jihadi activities against the infidel foreign invaders the Taliban says while also adding that his favourite weapon is the RPG-7.

Who controls the Taliban?

While the Taliban would like the world to believe that it is Mullah Omar who is controlling the Taliban today, many doubt his clout today. Everything is being done in the name of Mullah Omar security experts say. However what one must bear in mind is that the Taliban has a think tank which has sworn not to talk with the Afghanistan government.

There are good number of Taliban loyalists across the world who take decisions for the Taliban. When the government of Afghanistan attempted to broker peace with the Taliban recently it failed miserably. The government attempted to set up a political office for the Taliban in Qatar recently with the intention of talking peace.

However many in the Taliban were against this proposal as there was a trust deficit and the think tank felt that the Afghanistan government were stooges of the Americans. The Taliban has branded the Afghanistan president as a puppet of the Americans and this is really not a good sign since they had done the same to Hamid Karzai as well. This is not a good sign at all as there is a remote chance of peace returning to Afghanistan.

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