Election 2014: Modi, Kejriwal, Rahul's report cards on Twitter

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Modi, Kejriwal, Rahul's report cards
Bangalore, March 5: BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi seems to have left Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi behind in the race to become the next Prime Minister of the country. Much ahead of the Lok Sabha election, which is going to be started on April 7, Modi hit the the bull's eye.

NExT Search Centre, one of leading research centres jointly established by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Tsinghua University of China, gathered data from micro-blogging site Twitter.

According to the data, while Modi grabbed the first place, AAP chief and Congress Vice President managed to get the second and third position respectively in the poll -- Who will be the next PM of India?

The NExT research centre also gathered data on the following questions on Twitter -- How many mentions for the candidates, results of sentiment analysis on the candidates, hot topics on the candidates, Key influential users on these candidates, which tweet related to the candidates are most re-tweeted and many more.

The results of all above mentioned questions on Twitter showed that Modi is leading on the top of the list, while Kejriwal and Rahul lagged behind. According to the search result, the number of mentions for all three candidates were very close initially due to the three rallies held by the three candidates on Feb 23. Later Kejriwal, Modi and beat Rahul and went ahead in the list.

Observations by the team on Modi, Kejriwal and Rahul:

Arvind Kejriwal: He was criticised by media for calling them paid-media. Only a few hundred or thousand people attended his rallies in Uttar Pradesh. His speeches in the rallies were same and had become monotonous. Hence, the support is dwindling in non-urban localities.

Narendra Modi: Modi has been getting better support in comparison to Rahul and Kejriwal. It is important to get support from urban voters who currently are neutral.

Rahul Gandhi: Rahul has not involved in the governance issues. Not passing long-pending bills in past ten years, and forcing government to pass the bills through ordinance did not go well with the voters. If he does not connect with people through social media, he will lose an opportunity as he has already lost the connection with urban youth in the country.

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