Mission Kashmir: Infiltrate and wait

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Srinagar, Aug 28: A good number of terrorists from Pakistan are coming into Kashmir not with any specific intention to carry out terror strikes, but to build up an army of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

The arrest of Sajjad Ahmed alias Abu Ullah the 22 year old terrorist yesterday reveals a plot hatched by the Lashkar to infiltrate into the Valley with the sole intention of building up the numbers.


Mohammad Naved who was arrested early August in connection with the Udhampur attack too had no specific mission when he first infiltrated into Kashmir on June 2.

Mission infiltrate and wait

Terrorists are no longer being sent to Kashmir with specific missions to carry out a strike.

The Lashkar has been training several youth and as and when possible they send them into India.

When they complete a basic training course that lasts between 30 and 45 days, they are not told about what they need to do once they enter into India.

They are given general instructions that they will need to kill people and the details will be made known to them once they cross over into India.

Sajjad Ahmed during his interrogation says that he was not told anything specific. All we were told was to wait for orders. However the army got the better of Sajjad and his accomplices and hunt them down.

Four were killed while Sajjad was captured.

The Lashkar the primary outfit fighting the battle in Kashmir after the Hizbul-Mujahideen has decided that it needs to increase its numbers.

It wants people in Kashmir to strike at strategic times.

Training people for a specific mission and then waiting to infiltrate them into Kashmir could always be a risky proposition.

Many times the trained terrorists are caught at the border while trying to infiltrate and this would mean that all the efforts go down the drain.

A new found plan

Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that this is a new found plan on part of the Lashkar.

They are sending in younger terrorists and instructing them to meet with the handlers in Kashmir.

The handler on the other hand whisks them away to safe places and instructs them to wait for orders.

Once a plan is in place, these terrorists are summoned from their hideouts and told to strike. This is exactly what we got to witness in the Udhampur attack.

At no point in time did Naved know that he would be carrying out a strike in Udhampur. It was only in the last week of July that he was told that such a strike would be carried out.

The attack at Udhampur took place on August 3.

IB officials also point out that the alert levels need to be high at all times.

Such terrorists who are sent in for hit and run missions could well provide the distraction as a result of which the more hardened militants may try and infiltrate to carry out bigger missions.

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