Meet Aliya Saleem, one of the heaviest babies in the world; her parents spend all money to feed her

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Ranchi, Dec 3: A couple from Jharkhand is becoming worried day-by-day, as growing weight of their baby girl named Aliya Saleem, has made them helpless and cashless.

Aliya Saleem, who is only 18-month-old, has a hefty weight of 53 pounds, which is normally the weight of an average 6-year-old child.


Her parents, 28-year-old Mohammad Saleem and 25-year-old Shabnam Praveen, are worried about the growing weight of the child, as earlier one of their previous daughter died due to similar weight issues.

This time, Aliya's parents are struggling to control her weight, so that they do not lose her.

At the age of 18 months, Aliya is said to be one of the world's heaviest child.

Due to lack of money, poor parents are now unable to afford her expensive medical check ups. Saleem works as a tailor at a village in Jharkhand.

Aliya's enormous growing weight and continuous spending on feeding her, has left her parents cash-strapped.

Alia's parents are presently getting her treated at Fortis hospital near Delhi. The couple also has a 5-year-old son Ali, who has a normal weight.

Related to this case, Dr Krishan Chugh, Head of Paediatrics at Fortis was quoted saying as to the Daily Mail, "I am astonished to see a child who is so heavy at this age. I have never seen such case previous and this might be a case of Morbid obesity or even hormonal imbalance."

Her anxious mother said, "we tried a lot to provide proper medical check-up but we failed to get the clue about the cause of her suffering from the doctors present in village."

Praveen said, "the expense of child feeding increases day-by-day, that leads to increase in her weight. We have to buy new clothes for her every week", while adding, "we have to spent all money to feed her daily, as she cries continuously if we don't feed her " she concluded.

According to doctors, Aliya may be suffering from a rare disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome,

Now, it is like a challenge in front of the Indian medical science that how can a toddler be of such hefty weight of 53 pounds, at 18 months only.

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