Don't travel in Metro: Anna Hazare to Arvind Kejriwal

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New Delhi: With the trends suggesting Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) forming the government in Delhi, corruption crusader Anna Hazare has extended his wishes to his protege and AAP leader Arvind Kejirwal.

He congratulated Kejriwal for his individual and party's victory in Capital. Speaking to reporters, Anna Hazare said, "Arvind Kejriwal is going to be chief minister of New Delhi. My congratulations to him." [Delhi assembly election 2015 special coverage]


Anna and Kejriwal shared a close camaraderie when the latter launched a hunger strike at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi in 2011 in support of a Lokpal Bill.

Anna earlier on the Tuesday had urged Kejriwal not to forget that 'andolan' (struggle) whether or not he becomes the chief minister".

Remain simple:

Anna Hazare said that people of Delhi are expecting lot out from him and the people believe that he will fight for them. He also asked his protege not to do what he did after becoming the chief minister in 2013.

And also asked Kejriwal to not to overdo things and remain simple.

"My expectations from him are - don't repeat the mistakes which you committed in your last term as CM. Don't travel on Metro, take oath in Ramlila Maidan. Remain simple. The more you stay simple, the more people will have trust in you."

Do not give up movements:

He also cautioned Kejriwal against being confrontationist, but asked not to give up movements. "Don't give up movements. But, start agitations only when they are required," Anna suggested.

Anna Hazare said that people's trust and faith in Narendra Modi has corroded: "People used to say wind was in Narendra Modi direction. It is clear now that it was not the case."

He had made many promises to people but didn't fulfill them. He used to say his government will reduce corruption but that didn't happen,"

He further sought to exculpate Kiran Bedi for BJP's defeat in Delhi. "I don't blame Kiran Bedi for BJP's defeat, Anna said.

On a query whether he thinks Bedi made a mistake by joining BJP, Anna said," Who am I to say if Bedi was wrong in joining the BJP."

Won't attend swearing-in ceremony:

He said he will not attend Kejriwal's swearing-in ceremony. "What will I do by attending the swearing-in?" he asked, adding "I have already congratulated him on his victory".

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