4 ISIS sympathizers deported to Kerala from UAE

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Thiruvananthapuram, Sept 15: Four youth of Kerala origin have been deported from the UAE. While two youth were sent to Tiruvananthapuram the other two were detained at Kozhikode. Currently both the police and the Intelligence Bureau are questioning them.

These youth are part of the 11 others whose names India had shared with the UAE believed to be sympathizers of the ISIS.

The youth who have been detained were alleged to be sending out propaganda material and also posting it on their online accounts. The number of youth deported to Kerala in the past month from the UAE has now risen to six.

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ISIS sympathisers detained in Kerala

Ongoing drive against sympathizers

This is the second incident of sympathizers of the ISIS being deported in two weeks. Earlier two youth were deported from the UAE to Kerala. The duo were taken in by the police and questioned.

Last week the UAE deported one lady who went by the alias Nicky Joseph after it was found that she had allegedly lured youth from Hyderabad into joining the ISIS.

India had given the UAE a list of 11 persons believed to be propagating on behalf of the ISIS. UAE and India had decided to curb the menace of the ISIS together.

When Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval visited the UAE recently they handed out a dossier and also an action plan on dealing with the rising ISIS threat.

UAE on its part assured that it would look into these cases and conduct an independent verification.

The UAE has been questioning at least 11 Indians in the past month believed to be sympathizers of the ISIS. The investigations being conducted so far have ascertained that five persons were infact propagating on behalf of the ISIS.

The Kochi case

Two weeks back two youth from the UAE were deported to Kochi in Kerala. It was found by the Indian Intelligence Agencies that two youth from Kochi based in the UAE had taken part in a propaganda campaign to promote the ISIS.

It was found that the two Kochi youth along with 8 others were running a campaign on the social media in a bid to promote the ISIS ideology. Indian Intelligence agencies had reported the same to the authorities in the UAE after the facebook posts of these youth was flooded with ISIS propaganda material.

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