ISIS in sub-continent: Operations in Afghanistan, ideology in Bangladesh

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New Delhi, Jan 21: The threat of the ISIS is for real in the sub-continent and security experts point out that India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan would need to combine efforts in order to counter this menace.

Over the past few months it had become extremely clear that the ISIS was using both Afghanistan and Bangladesh to launch its operations in the sub-continent.


A report by the intelligence bureau in the possession of OneIndia states that while the ISIS would have its operations wing in Afghanistan, it would use Bangladesh as its ideological hub.

There are already enough outfits which subscribe to the ISIS type ideology in Bangladesh.

Ideology in Bangladesh, operations in Afghanistan:

It has become clear that over the past couple of months, the ISIS has been setting up shop in the sub-continent.

While it has not got any major success in India, the story has been very different in countries such as Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

In Afghanistan, the ISIS has been teaming up with former Taliban fighters. While it has not made any major gains as yet, the IB report points that it is gradually growing in strength.

In Bangladesh, the ISIS faced some stiff competition from the al-Qaeda. However, the al-Qaeda has been weakened largely for the want of a leadership and is facing a defeat at the hands of the ISIS like it did it in Iraq and Syria.

The Ansarullah Bangla Team, which is a radical outfit in Bangladesh, too has teamed up with the ISIS today.

In Bangladesh, the ISIS which has now teamed up with the ABT is spreading a reign of fear among the people by issuing fatwas in a bid to set up an Islamic Calipahate.

The ISIS sees an opportunity in Bangladesh and realizes that it could set up a module in order to achieve its dream of setting up a Caliphate.

In Pakistan, the ISIS has the support of the Tehrik-e-Taliban, Tehreek-e-Khilafat and the Ismamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

In Afghanistan it garners support from the Heroes of Islam Brigade in Khorasan and the al-Tawheed Brigade in Khorasan.

In India the ISIS has the support of the Ansar-ul-Tawhid or the erstwhile Indian Mujahideen. These alliances clearly point towards the fact that the ISIS does not have any known allies in Bangladesh.

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