Is SIMI's new wing propagating against the beef ban?

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Last October, for the first time the emergence of a new group, Electronic Warfare Technology Group was reported.

This group was considered to be a wing of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and the Intelligence Bureau (IB) had said that this was a technological wing of the outfit.


The name of this group has once again come to light with the Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) probing whether the Yavatmal case in which a constable was stabbed to avenge beef ban was the handiwork of a member belonging to the Electronic Warfare Technology Group.

One Abdul Malik was arrested after he stabbed a constable which the police believe was done to avenge beef ban in the state of Maharashtra.

The police at the time of the arrest had said that he was a member of the SIMI and are now probing whether he was part of the new wing.

Malik a resident of Pusad village has told the police that he was in touch with various other persons who could be part of this conspiracy.

Avenging the beef ban:

An ATS official informed OneIndia that the motive behind the stabbing is clearly to avenge the beef ban.

It clearly showed that the accused person while stabbing the constable had said this was being done because the government had imposed a beef ban.

Intelligence Bureau officials warn that this issue is an emotive one and there may be fringe groups which would take advantage of this.

Further the IB also warns that groups such as the SIMI which are down and out have been attempting several times to make a come back.

They even floated two outfits- The Electronic Warfare Technology Group and the Ganimat ka Maal to keep their operations alive.

The beef ban issue may just be the fodder this group has been looking for to start a propaganda campaign to re-launch their sagging outfit.

What is the Electronic Warfare Technology Group:

For the first time last October, intelligence agencies got to know about this outfit. It was during an investigation conducted by the SIMI that the name of this group cropped up.

The Hyderabad police and the Intelligence Bureau, they have learnt that the SIMI had launched these two outfits in a bid to support their activities and also provide help to the Al-Qaeda and the Jammat which under the banner called the Al-Jihad.

The Ganimat ka Maal is a wing of the SIMI which is focused solely on the finances and the impetus on these members is to raise money.

This group has found to be involved in robberies, extortion and the National Investigating Agency says that they will see if the various acts of dacoity committed by them is linked to the Burdhwan blast as well.

It was also revealed that they had launched this online portal called the Electronic Warfare Group in a bid to target recruitments online looking at the huge success this medium has provided for the other groups.

One operative Muddasar told the police that the funds were hard to come by and they decided that an exclusive wing needed to be launched in order to raise money.

The money, Muddasar says was to fund their operations and also help those who sought to leave the country and fight alongside the Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

On several occasions we have been in touch with some members from Madhya Pradesh and also West Bengal who have sought assistance in terms of money and also a place to hide.

The job of the Ganimat ka Maal is to provide financial support to all outfits which are working under the banner of the Al-Jihad, he also pointed out.

SIMI felt the need to set up an online portal in a bid to increase the recruitments. They felt that there is not enough online presence for the SIMI as a result of which the recruitment process was taking place very slowly.

It was stated that funding ought to be self-sufficient and transferring money from other countries would only lead to suspicion.

Hence, it was suggested that a wing ought to be created which would focus on raising money from India itself and this would involve robbery and extortion as well.

The questioning of several operatives revealed that the SIMI members have been touch with Al-Qaeda operatives based out of both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The brief has been to create a strong force of over 5000 members who would be battle ready in a year or two.

In this context the Electronic Warfare Group becomes extremely important and we had plans on targeting both men and women into joining us the operatives said.

Further it is also stated that they were told to lay emphasis on recruiting women as well since they come in handy during an attack.

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