Indian mattress company shows Malala tragedy to sell product

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Bangalore, May 15: Indian mattress company Kurl-on has drawn flak for depicting Malala Yousufzai, the Pakistani teenage girl who was shot in her head by a Taliban gunman in a bus in 2012,a report in Business Insider said. Yousufzai survived the fatal attack and returned to advocate girls' education rights. She became a person of international fame ever since. She closely lost out on winning the Nobel Peace Prize last year.

The Indian mattress company used the Malala shooting incident to promote its product. It shows Malala being shot with a rifle and she collapses, undergoes treatment while collapsing and finally falls on a Kurl-on mattress before "bouncing back" to win awards.

Malala is not the only one. The ad also shows famous personalities like Steve Jobs and Mahatma Gandhi who went through difficult times and bounced back after hitting a Kurl-on mattress. The Malala mattress, however, was criticised for marketing a tragedy.

The advertisement is one in a series of three made by Ogilvy India, said the Business Insider report.

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