India taking tough stance on ISIS returnees

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New Delhi, June 4: In the chargesheet filed by the National Investigation Agency against Mohammad Nasser who attempted joining the ISIS, there is a strong message.

First and foremost one must take note of the fact that this one of those rare cases which has been build up purely on the basis of digital evidence.

IS returnees: India taking tough stance

While dealing of cases relating to the ISIS in India, the approach has been different. There are many who have been brought back to India while attempting to join the ISIS, counselled and then let off. However there is a shift in that approach today.

The case in brief:
The 23 year old computer engineer from Tanjore was deported from Sudan to India on December 10 last year. The father who is a witness in this case had told the NIA about the message his son had sent him which read, " I have reached Sudan and joining the ISIS."

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The NIA in this case had sought information from the US on the exchanges between the accused and others. Naseer used to communicate with his father. This was certified by the father who had told the NIA about his son's tryst with the ISIS.

A strong message:
After being brought back to India, the agencies felt that he could not be counselled. Moreover his father too had repeatedly said that his son had gone astray.

This chargesheet is a strong message to those who feel that they can get away by trying to join the ISIS.

Officials say that the approach is different in each case. The attacks in Paris and Belgium has taught us that attacks are staged normally by those ISIS recruits who return to their home land.

It is sometimes difficult to gauge the level of radicalisation that they have undergone. They could well pretend to be counselled, but could come back strong, officers say.

The Intelligence Bureau and the NIA say that they are particularly careful about those persons who leave India to join the ISIS and then return.

They could be coming back with a motive. While it was felt that in the case of the Thane youth, Areeb Majeed he would be let off after counselling, it was later on found that the situation could be dangerous if he were out in the open.

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