India's Balochistan plan- 'Don't stop till Pakistan gives up'

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India will ensure that Pakistan answers to the entire world about the atrocities it commits in Balochistan. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the Balochistan issue, several former diplomats have been consulted on how to move forward on this issue.

The first step would, however, be to raise the Balochistan issue at the United Nations. This would be interesting as Pakistan has said that it proposes to raise the issue relating to Kashmir at the UN in September.

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Baloch: Ind won't stop till Pak gives up

India is preparing a detailed list of human rights violations in Balochistan and the same is likely to be submitted at the UN.

All in favour

Top officials in the government say that almost all people who have been consulted on the issue are in favour of taking the Balochistan issue forward. "Pakistan has always raised the Kashmir issue at the international forum. This time Pakistan will need to answer to the world about the atrocities it commits in Balochistan," the official also noted.

India is also keeping a close eye on the developments in China after the issue of Balochistan has been raised. China has several projects in Balochistan.

The officials who are part of the discussions say that there is likely to be an impact on China as well once this issue is raised on the international forum. The relations between China and Pakistan may be strained due to this, the official also notes.

However, India is aware that the issue relating to Balochistan needs to be raised continuously and the efforts need to be constant. India is already in touch with Baloch activists from across the world who have welcomed India's stand on the issue.

We will take one step at a time. On the Balochistan issue India will not have any knee jerk reaction. Officials say that a road map is being laid out and while the main focus is ensuring that atrocities stop in Balochistan, we are also confident that it will push the Pakistan Generals to the wall, the officer also stated.

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