IB warns of protests by Sikh groups ahead of PM Modi's UK visit

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New Delhi, Nov 10: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi gets set to visit the United Kingdom, there have been intelligence alerts suggesting protests by some Sikh outfits.

The alert states that several Sikh outfits are planning on holding protests at venues where Modi would make an address. Modi is scheduled to visit the UK on Nov 12.


There has been an online drive already by several Sikh organizations in a bid to mobilize support for their protests.

The security team of the Prime Minister is closely monitoring the situation and is coordinating with the agencies in the UK to ensure that these protests do not take place.

What is the protest about?

Several members of Sikh militant groups have taken shelter in the United Kingdom. Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials have constantly warned that Sikh militancy is attempting a revival with the help of the ISI and a large amount of funds have been trickling in from sympathizers in the United Kingdom.

During the visit to UK, Modi will hold talks with David Cameron and also discuss the issue of Sikh militancy.

India would seek help from the UK to reign in these elements and also seek the extradition of many.

India has stated that there are many radicals who have made UK their home and are constantly pumping in finances for Sikh militant groups.

India realizes that it is the think tank and the ideological support of several persons settled in the UK which will attempt to fan militancy once again in Punjab.

Over the past three years there have been several alerts issued by the Intelligence Bureau about the revival of Sikh militancy.

The alerts also state that there is an attempt being made in countries like UK and Canada to help revive the movement in a big way.

While there have been alerts galore, a recent scare was witnessed in India in the form of the Gurdaspur attack. It was said at first that it was the Sikh militant groups which staged the attack.

However, investigations later showed it was an attack that was staged by Islamic terrorists from Pakistan.

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