'I came to kill not die', says Naved, the terrorist arrested in Udhampur

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Jammu, Aug 6: The terrorist arrested at Udhampur who had given out three names, Kasim, Usman and Mohammad Naved continues to misguide investigators. On Wednesday, Aug 5 he was seen giving several contradictory statements after his arrest, but investigators say that they will be able to crack him.

Some of the details that the investigations have revealed so far point directly towards Pakistan. His real name is Mohammad Naved and he had aliases such as Kasim Khan and also Usman Khan. Having several names is a pre-requisite for any terrorist.

I came to kill says Pak terrorist

His brother is a lecturer in Pakistan

After giving various contradictory views, the police have managed to piece together a bit of information regarding Mohammad Naved. He hails from the Ghulam Mohammad Abad region of Faisalbad in Pakistan. He is the son of Yusuf Mohammad and has three siblings.

While one of this brother works as a lecturer, the other is a construction worker. His sister is still studying, investigations which went late into the night has revealed. His father is Mohammad Yusuf, the police have learnt.

He knows the Juvenile Justice Act

Naved during the investigation confessed that he was part of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, the same outfit which carried out the attacks at Gurdaspur last week. The police say that he had lied to them about his age when he said he was just 16 years old.

Somewhere at the back of his mind, he might have felt that he will get away if he lied about his age. He is aged between 20 and 22, an officer part of the investigation informed OneIndia.

He along with Noman a resident of Bhawalpur in Pakistan were sent in almost 12 days back from Pakistan to carry out an attack on the Amarnath Yatra. However they were late by a few hours and hence decided to target the BSF convoy.

The expertise that he both Noman and Naved showed in the attack clearly suggests that these boys have been training for long.

We told to kill not die

The police say that Naved was not told that he would have to die in the attack, although it was very clear that the Lashkar had sent him to India as a Fidayeen. He kept telling us that he had come here to kill and they were making escape plans also. All we were told at our training programme is to kill Hindus and then come back.

The two who infiltrated into India 12 days back finally landed in Udhampur through Tangmarg in Kashmir. They wanted to carry out a hit and run operation. Naved shows no remorse for the attack and does not seem to be too perturbed about the death of his friend too. We are yet to ask him about the Gurdaspur attackers who are believed to have come to India with Naved and Noman.

Reality has struck him

Yesterday, Naved who smiled all through in front of the cameras is quite serious now. He realizes that the law is going to get to him. Now he wants to know if he will be able to get out of jail and return home.

The interrogation will take a few more days as there are many other details that he would need to spill out. Moreover we would do his DNA sampling as well, the officer also informed.

For now he has confirmed to us that he is a Pakistani national who was part of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. He says that they were told to carry out attacks and target only Hindus.

We were told to carry out strikes and kill as many people as possible. Both Noman and I had decided that we would try and escape after the attack.

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