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Here is what US will do, if it finds that Pakistan misused the F-16s


New Delhi, Mar 02: The US said that it was seeking more information on the potential misuse of the American-made F-16 fighter jets by Pakistan against India in violation of the end-user agreement, the State Department has said.

Here is what US will do, if it finds that Pakistan misused the F-16s

If it is found that Pakistan has intact violated the norm, the question is what action will the United States take.

The action in today's context may not be significant as the US has already abandoned Pakistan. The US does not provide the country with any financial aid and neither it is any longer providing support for the F-16 fleet, Air Marshal (retd), B K Pandey says.

He says that the Chinese have come in a big way to support the Pakistan Air Force. The J-17s are being built there. Although it is not as potent as the F-16, the aircraft are still there in large numbers, he added. With this association, Pakistan would have 250 aircraft.

The J-17 is a third generation aircraft, but nothing would stop China from helping Pakistan in building a fourth generation aircraft.

India digs up details to show US that Pak used F-16s in offensive operation

The US, if learns that the F-16s have been misused at best can twist Pakistan's tail. Since all aid and support has already been stopped, no further action may be taken, barring the fact that they may speak against Pakistan in international forums, B K Pandey also adds.

The Indian Air Force on Thursday displayed parts of an AMRAAM beyond visual range air-to-air missile as evidence to "conclusively" prove that Pakistan deployed US-manufactured F-16 fighter jets during an aerial raid targeting Indian military installations in Kashmir after India's anti-terror operation in Balakot .

Pakistan on Wednesday categorically said that no F-16 fighter jets were used and denied that one of its planes had been downed by the Indian Air Force.

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