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From Rs 10,000 to Rs 5 crore a kg: The journey of heroin from Afghanistan, Pakistan through India


New Delhi, July 06: A week ago, one of the biggest drug consignments was busted at Attari. A truck from Pakistan managed to transport heroin worth Rs 2,600 crore. The heroin was packed in 52 bags and weighed up to 523 kilograms.

During the process, the officials stumbled upon heroin worth Rs 2,600 crore. The officials seized 52 bags which had a mind boggling 532 kilograms of heroin in it.

From Rs 10,000 to Rs 5 crore a KG: The journey of heroin from Afghanistan, Paksitan through India

The consignment was sent from one Global Visions Impacts based in Lahore. It was imported by a Amritsar based man, who detained for questioning. He was however let off after questioning.

Heroin which is locally referred to as Chitta is worth Rs 5 crore per kilogram in the international market. The cost keeps escalating as it moves out of Afghanistan, where it is originally produced. At Afghanistan, it is valued at around Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000 and when it enters the Pakistan market, a kilogram is priced at Rs 1.5 lakh. Once it enters India, the price goes up to Rs 15 lakh and once in the international market, it is valued at Rs 5 crore.

11 trucks entered Amritsar from Pakistan and one came in with Rs 2,600 crore worth heroin

Officials part of the drug bust say that a total of 13 trucks crossed the border that day. Of this 11 were from Pakistan and two from Afghanistan. When the 600 bags were unloaded in an open area, the officials noticed something strange about some bags. The bags that bore a different marking contained white coloured power which was mixed with a granular substance.

Following this the narco detection kit was brought in and the substance was found to be heroine. Dipak Kumar, commissioner of Customs, Amritsar informed that this is one of the biggest achievements of the Indian Customs.

After the bags were offloaded, the Pakistani truck driver returned to Pakistan. The examination of the bags were carried out. The officials however found that Singh was unaware of the consignment. The officials checked thoroughly, but did not find anything objectionable.

ICG seizes 1,500 kgs heroin worth Rs 3,500 cr off Gujarat coast

Further investigations had found that the consignment of Heroin was meant to be supplied both in Delhi and Punjab. Officials are now trying to get in touch with their counterparts in Pakistan to question the truck driver.

Drug cartels have found several ways of smuggling the drug into India. Owing to tensions between India and Pakistan, the security along the border is very high. Drug smugglers have since been finding various ways of moving the contraband into India.

There have been instances when the smugglers swim across to deliver the drugs.

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