From knack for diplomacy to inflation: 72% Indians laud Modi govt for achievements in 6 months

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New Delhi, Nov 26: Narendra Modi Government completed six months on Wednesday. During this short span of time the new dispensation has lots of achievements to brag about, especially the way Modi has given towering image to Indian diplomacy.

The best proof of the good Governance is that even leaders from Opposition camp have also heaped praise upon Modi for innovative initiatives like Make in India and Swachh Bharat Abiyan.

Good thing about the new dispensation is the will power to improve things, which was largely missing in previous UPA.

In past, critics easily got reasons to corner the NDA Government with a long list of failures, but now they all will have to eat their words as majority of people have expressed their satisfaction with the Modi government.

72 percent Indians laud Modi govt:survey

According to an opinion poll conducted by Hindi news channel News Nation, as many as 72 percent of Indians are satisfied with the performance of Narendra Modi government and 55 percent feel that the BJP regime has been successful in controlling inflation. 

However, 45 percent of the respondents also said Modi government is doing 'less work, more campaign' against 43 percent who said it is not true. Only 18 percent said they were not satisfied its work. 

The channel said in a statement that 77 percent of people said India's reputation globally has "increased" since Modi took over as Prime Minister and 68 percent of them said their trust in the government has gone up in the last six months since it assumed office. 

Over 55 percent of people said Modi government has successfully tackled inflation against 29 percent who said it had not. 

37 percent of those who were surveyed said they agreed with Modi's detractors who see him as a "dictator" while 47 percent disagreed with the observation. 

Respondents picked Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj as the "most successful" ministers in that order.

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