‘Friendly’ India ranks 7 in expat quality of life, Thailand tops list

Posted By: PTI
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New Delhi, Nov 6: India is placed seventh out of 37 in a list of countries ranked in terms of expat quality of life, according to a a research commissioned by HSBC Expat. Thailand tops the list which is dominated by Asian countries with mainland China, Singapore and Taiwan are ranked 3rd, 6th, and 8th places respectively.

Others in the top 10 include Bahrain (2nd), Cayman Islands (4th), Australia (5th), Spain (9th) and Brazil (10th). "The results show Asia to be the leading destination for expat quality of life, with the region also emerging as an expat social hotspot," HSBC Expat Head Dean Blackburn said.

With a record number of them participating this year, the Expat Explorer survey provided an even more comprehensive picture of life abroad, the challenges they faced and the idiosyncrasies that make the their experience unique, Blackburn added. The survey, commissioned by HSBC Expat and conducted by independent research company YouGov, questioned 7,004 expats through an online survey.

On India, the survey said the positive attitudes of the local people were appreciated with seven in 10 (71 per cent) commenting on their friendliness. Moreover, they also enjoy a more active social life in India compared to other countries. The heat and cuisine makes adjusting to the culture slightly more difficult for the expatriates, says the study.

About 47 percent of expats compared to a global average of 26 per cent said adjusting to the weather was difficult and 39 per cent compared to a global average of 20 per cent said the same about food. Interestingly, a significantly higher percentage (25 per cent) compared to global average (7 percent) were sent to live in India by their organisations, suggesting that MNCs are eager to expand their operations outside developed nations.

"Many are making the most of the relocation and see India as an up-and-coming destination, with nearly three quarters (73 percent) reporting that the country is improving as a place for expats to live and work," the survey said.

Looking at the Expat Explorer Economics league table, which ranks countries based on factors like earning potential, disposable income and satisfaction with economic outlook, Switzerland, mainland China and Qatar take up top three spots.

Meanwhile, European locations were ranked as attractive destinations to bring up children abroad. Four European countries rank within the top 10 places for the Expat Explorer Raising Children Abroad league table, including Germany (1st), France (3rd), Belgium (6th) and Spain (9th).


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