Demonetisation is 'Modi-made disaster', says Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi torn into the Modi government over demonetisation during a rally in Belagavi of Karnataka. The Congress vice president called demonetisation a 'Modi-made disaster' and mocked the BJP government as 'super rich sarkar that misled the country on demonetisation'. Rahul pulled up the prime minister for mocking MNREGA and accused Modi of laughing at the miseries of the poor of the country.

“99 per cent of India is of the poor, middle class and farmers. Demonetisation has pushed the nation's economy back”, Rahul said. “The prime minister first said demonetisation was to stop terrorism, then said it was to uproot black money. But nothing has changed”, he added.

Rahul Gandhi

Invoking allegations of sudden spurt in deposits to accounts held by BJP leader and investments just before the demonetisation announcement, Rahul said that the move had only benefited the BJP. Rahul accused the prime minister of waiving off Mallya's loans while making life miserable for the common man.

The massive crowd of Congress workers at Belagavi cheered as Rahul invoked instance of former BJP minister Janardhana Reddy spending Rs 500 crore for his daughter's wedding post demonetisation. Rahul Gandhi held the prime minister responsible for the unemployment concern post demonetisation move.

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"“People of India tell me that Prime Minister Modi is a liar; he promised to fight black money but he didn't". Nothing is going to change in 50 days. All your money will just be lying with the bank”, he said. Rahul said that over hundred people have died due to demonetisation so far.

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