Demonetisation aftermath: Ruckus outside RBI in Bengaluru

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Confused and helpless, citizens created a ruckus outside Reserve bank of India office in Bengaluru after they learnt that demonetised notes will not be exchanged any longer. The citizens had gathered outside the RBI hoping to exchange their old demonetised notes since deadline to exchange or deposit them at bank branches came to an end on December 30, 2016.

Demonetisation aftermath: Ruckus outside RBI in Bengaluru

"The prime minister had said that we can exchange old notes till March 31 in RBI but now we are told that the notes won't be exchanged. Why is there confusion? They should have informed people accordingly. If sudden decision are taken what are we to do? These notes now mean nothing more than paper now. I have to discard them," said Sathyanarayana, a resident of Bengaluru.

People had come from other districts hoping to exchange old notes but were left disappointed. "My grandmother had Rs 3,000 tucked away in Rs 500 notes and forgot to exchange it. She only realised it on Saturday and we went to the bank but they refused to accept it and asked us to come to RBI. Even the RBI isn't accepting these notes now and I do not know what to do. Let the government give me a solution," said Irfan who had come all the way from Mandya to get Rs 3,000 exchanged.

Demonetisation aftermath: Ruckus outside RBI in Bengaluru

The RBI had put up a notice stating that no old notes will be exchanged after people started gathering outside seeking to exchange notes. Ruckus broke out as soon as the notice was put out between those that were waiting in lines and the security personnel. The local police arrived at the spot to disperse the crowd.

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