Dec 16 Delhi Gangrape Case: Rapists justify themselves, now Nirbhaya's mother breaks silence

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New Delhi, March 3: A day after a shocking interview of one of the six rapists of infamous Dec 16 Delhi gangrape case, a fresh statement of the victim's mother surfaced.

The 23-year-old victim, who is known as Nirbhaya, was brutally raped in a moving bus and later was thrown out of it by six men. Two years after the gruesome incident, Mukesh Singh, the driver of the bus, claimed that it was Nirbhaya's "mistake to have ventured out after 9 pm."


The rapists was found non-repentant and he was quoted as saying, "women who go out at night bring trouble for themselves by attracting the attention of molesters. A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy." [Now Nirbhaya rapist has an advise for women! Don't protest when raped, you will live]

Nirbhaya, who was returning from a cinema theatre was given lift in a mini bus by the six men. She was accompanied by one of her male friends.

In the bus she was violated and beaten brutally with iron rods. A rod was inserted in her private part. She succumbed to her injuries a few days later.

Reacting against Mukesh Singh's statement, Nirbhaya's mother chided, "We make an appeal to our judicial system and government to award capital punishment to such culprits and give justice to parents like us.

Meanwhile, her father said, "What he (Mukesh Singh) said is wrong. We have always taught our children to stand up for themselves and never give up."

Ironically, just after Mukesh Singh's interview with The Telegraph, a news article with Nirbhaya's mother's fresh statement on another infamous Uber rape case surfaced. [Rajnath takes strong exception to interview of Dec 16 convict]

She was stunned to know that the Uber cab driver had threatened the victim to use an iron rod. She was quoted as saying, "The Uber cab driver had threatened to use an iron rod if the girl resisted his attempt to rape. Our entire family could not eat for three days." [Uber to launch 'panic button' for users in India]

She also said, "I believe this has happened because my daughter still has not got justice. The culprits are still alive."

Now, it would be impossible for anyone to understand the pain of the mother who lost her daughter and the rapists are giving interviews justifying their "act".

Mukesh along with other rapists face death penalty. However, they have challenged the judgement. In the interview, Mukesh also said, "The death penalty will make things even more dangerous for girls. Before, they would rape and say, 'Leave her, she won't tell anyone.' Now when they rape, especially the criminal types, they will just kill the girl. "

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