Delhi election: AAP stays ahead in the race, says InstaVaani poll survey

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Bengaluru, Jan 16: The battle for Delhi assembly election 2015 is all set to take place among BJP, AAP and Congress on Feb 7, Saturday.

‘Women's safety needs to be resolved first, irrespective of which party wins' and ‘AAP stays ahead in the race with 49% of the poll respondents believing that AAP will win this election despite Arvind Kejriwal's previous resignation as CM', reveals InstaVaani poll survey.

The upcoming Assembly elections in the National capital has kept the Nation alert. Its results are much awaited and may define the future of these two political parties, BJP and AAP that are going head-to-head pitted against each other in Delhi.


Delhi poll issues

The issues that trouble Delhi vary from demands of full statehood to the capital being unsafe for women, from pedestrians with no place to walk to slums springing up everywhere.

Other issues such as the lack of parking space, clean water, electricity and cleanliness/waste management have also caused major frustration amongst Delhiites.

What respondents want?

InstaVaani polled around 1,100 people in Delhi to find out what the key issues are that need to be resolved, no matter which party wins, and who they felt would win the upcoming elections.

Of the choices that were given to the respondents, 33% of respondents in Delhi feel that the issue of women's safety should be addressed first.

27% say that corruption and law & order issues should be resolved first. 18% of the respondents said that price rise was the key issue that needed to be resolved first while 16% choose electricity, water and waste management.

Only 5% of Delhi citizens who answered the poll feel that the issue of better roads and public transport should be the priority post elections. While more than half the women who were polled felt that women's safety should be the priority, 30% of men agreed with them on this point.

Analysts take

While most analysts see this election as a two-way contest between the BJP and AAP, the Congress is also looking to revive its fortunes in the 70-member assembly following a string of defeats last year.

Up until the date of this poll, BJP had not declared a face of the campaign and were riding on the Modi wave. BJP  has recently gotten a boost with the joining of Kiran Bedi, who could be a contender to take on AAP chiefArvind Kejriwal.

On the other hand, Former Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal from AAP stays in the chief ministerial race despite his quick resignation after only a 49-day stint.

Which party has the maximum chance of winning?

Out of the 840 respondents who answered the question of which of these parties have better chance of winning, AAP stays ahead in the race with 49% of the poll respondents (who were also young and educated) believing that AAP will win this election despite Arvind Kejriwal's previous resignation as CM.

InstaVaani polled people across various age groups with varied backgrounds - 49% belong to the age group of 30 to 50 and hold at least a college degree.

44% think BJP will win this election despite not declaring a candidate for the CM post at the time of this poll. 7% feel neither BJP nor AAP will win
this upcoming election.

Please note that this poll is not a prediction of election results, it captures the priorities and opinion of Delhi city only as per the citizens who were polled.

What is Instavaani?

Instavaani by FourthLion Technologies is the fastest polling in India today. It allows media and newsmakers to poll Indians across the country to get an immediate, data-backed response to breaking news and headlines. Instavaani does polling with demographic breakups as well as panel-based polling.

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