Chetan Bhagat mocks at Rahul Gandhi, refuses to speak on 'Intolerance', Award Wapsi

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Bengaluru, Dec 6: A glittering program convened to motivate youths, mainly those envisage to clutch on to entrepreneurship unleashed its peacock-styled feather with 'Authorpreneur' Chetan Bhagat delivering an inspiring talk.

The program was organised by a corporate start-up "", a gift delivery portal at Le Meridien hotel in Bengaluru on Saturday, Dec 5.

Chetan Bhagat

"I am not the best author but I am undisputedly a best-selling author," pronouncing this Chetan launched his address.

Bhagat, who was late for over half-an-hour in making to the venue due to Bengaluru's traffic snarls, availed the platform to pass sarcastic remark against Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi.

He said, "After Rahul Gandhi visited Bengaluru, the place has taught the lesson not to seek response from the audience."

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Bhagat observed that business is for smart players and playing politics to assume success is no wrong.

"You have to work hard to certain level. Once you reach top levels then one must be smart enough to carry out political moves," Bhagat said. He is of the opinion that there is no wrong in doing politics to attain success and it is commonly practiced in the society.

Chetan Bhagat

Bhagat sees himself as Authorpreneur, the words that he replaces 'entere' with 'author' in entrepreneur.

The simple reason behind the idea is Bhagat is in the business of writing books and making it to reach to maximum audience. Bhagat said that to get success in the market one must be a 'game changer' and not a genius.

For the youth, to take cue from Bhagat was to remain motivational all through the life.

He said that age should not be the obstacle to keep the spirit alive. The attitudes such as 'settled in life', 'we are aged and its now for the young generation to carry on' has to be disposed off to continue the saga of success.

Besides he said that since he wants to be contemporary and relevant among current generation he vociferously shows his presence in social networking, television and print media.

"This is how I stay connected and build my image," he divulged.

On the other hand Bhagat's speech saw reference to intolerance debate and Award Wapsi.

In the flow of speech, where he spoke a bit on tolerance, he made a small reference to Award Wapsi.

However, when OneIndia asked whether Award Wapsi worked for Bihar election in terms of 'changing game', Bhagat ducked the question and claimed this is not the venue to answer such questions.

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