Chennai Floods: This Tamilian girl gives a befitting reply to insensitive Facebook post

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Chennai, Dec 7: As flood-hit areas of Tamil Nadu are limping back to normalcy, social media sites witnessed a deluge of prayers and wishes for the victims.

But, one Facebook post by a user Ashish Chaudhary, is going viral for all wrong reasons.


Ashish, whose Facebook account, has now been deactivated, posted an inhumane and insensitive post that reportedly said, "I don't mind if Tamil people die, they never considered themselves as Indians."

"And then I ask myself, the land who do not accept our national language as their own language and prefer British English more in conversation to native Indians are asking for help from Hindi language people", he mentioned in another post.

Then, a Tamilian, Anusha Natarajan, another Facebook user, decided to give Ashish a befitting response for his post.

She said, "Dear Ashish Choudhary,
First of all the good news, we "Tamilians" made it alive and stronger than ever. Now the bad news, your intellect is even teenier and tinier than the size of your brain, let me explain why:
1) Hindi is not our national language, India has many officially recognized languages.
2) I see you're from Mumbai, and that means you are technically not from the northern part of India.
3) 'Hindi language people' is not a thing, not at least where you come from.
4) People from south AKA Dravidians are the real Indians, you guys are immigrants from Persia (not to hurt anyone's feelings, we love you all and will come for your rescue if and when needed).
5) So we embrace English, big deal! It helps us become CEOs of big companies around the world while you are still stuck doing something completely useless on MTV.
And finally, you are brainless. I can tell you this because while you accused us of embracing English, you typed both your posts in English. Not too sharp buddy, not too sharp!

Ashish's Facebook profile described him as a runner up at MTV Splitsvilla and said that he studied from DAV school.

#AshishChaudhary long ago we made choice to assert our identity but for ethnicity we eschewed it, we are opposed hindi...

Posted by Jayavel Seetharaman onMonday, December 7, 2015

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