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Chandra Darshan 2019: Date, Timings, Significance and Importance

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New Delhi, Aug 02: Chandra Darshan 2019 is the observance of sighting the moon after the 'Amavasya' (the no moon day). In Hinduism this day holds immense religious significance. Devotees on this day worship Chandra Dev and offer special prayers. Sravana month begins from today.

It is believed to be very propitious to sight the moon just after the Amavasya. This day after Amavasya is celebrated as Chandra Darshan 2019 in the honour of the Moon God.

Chandra Darshan 2019: Date, Timings, Significance and Importance

The most favourable time for sighting the moon is just after sunset.

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Predicting the most appropriate time for Chandra Darshan is a difficult job even for Panchang makers. Chandra Darshan is observed with great fervour and devotion in different parts of the country.

Chandra Darshan 2019: Timings

  • Monday 07 January Chandra Darshan 5:35 PM to 6:46 PM
  • Wednesday 06 February Chandra Darshan 6:00 PM to 7:18 PM
  • Friday 08 March Chandra Darshan 6:21 PM to 7:51 PM
  • Saturday 06 April Chandra Darshan 6:37 PM to 7:34 PM
  • Monday 06 May Chandra Darshan 6:55 PM to 8:20 PM
  • Tuesday 04 June Chandra Darshan 7:11 PM to 8:11 PM
  • Thursday 04 July Chandra Darshan 7:18 PM to 8:54 PM
  • Friday 02 August Chandra Darshan 7:07 PM to 8:22 PM
  • Saturday 31 August Chandra Darshan 6:40 PM to 7:39 PM
  • Sunday 29 September Chandra Darshan 6:06 PM to 6:51 PM
  • Tuesday 29 October Chandra Darshan 5:34 PM to 6:44 PM
  • Wednesday 27 November Chandra Darshan 5:20 PM to 6:05 PM
  • Friday 27 December Chandra Darshan 5:27 PM to 6:33 PM

Chandra Darshan 2019: Significance

In Hindu mythology, Chandra Dev or the Hindu Lord of Moon is considered to be one of the most revered deities. He is also a significant 'graha' or planet of the 'Navgraha', which influences life on Earth.

Moon is known to be a favourable planet and is associated with wisdom, purity and good intentions. It is believed that an individual with favourably placed Moon in his/her planet will live a more successful and prosperous life. Furthermore Moon is even more influential in Hinduism as it follows the lunar calendar.

What do you do on Chandra Darshan 2019:

  • On the day of Chandra Darshan, Hindu devotees worship the Moon God.
  • Devotees observe a strict fast on this day to please Chandra Dev. They do not eat or drink anything all through the day. The fast is broken after sighting the Moon just after sunset.
  • It is believed that a person who performs all the ritualistic worship of Moon God on the day of Chandra Darshan will be bestowed with endless good fortune and prosperity.
  • Offering donations is also an important ritual on Chandra Darshan. People donate clothes, rice and sugar among other things to Brahmins on this day.

Sunrise sunset timing for major Indian cities

  • City Sunrise - Sunset Moonrise - Moonset
  • Chennai 05:58 AM - 06:32 PM 06:55 AM - 07:54 PM
  • Mumbai 06:19 AM - 07:10 PM 07:18 AM - 08:32 PM
  • Delhi 05:46 AM - 07:07 PM 06:45 AM - 08:26 PM
  • Kolkata 05:12 AM - 06:13 PM 06:08 AM - 07:32 PM

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