BBMP voting rights: BJP to move Karnataka High Court

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Bengaluru, Sept 1: The Bharatiya Janata Party will move the Karnataka High Court questioning the voting rights of legislators and MPs in BBMP council. With the race hotting up to form the council at the BBMP, a lot would depend on the votes of the MLAs, MLCs and the MPs.

The BJP has decided to question the voting rights of the legislators and the MPs in the BBMP. BJP sources tell OneIndia that the BBMP council should have only the corporators voting in it. We want to question this position of law and hence have decided to file a petition before the Karnataka High Court for clarity on the issue.

BBMP: BJP to move High Court

Magic number is now 131

During the last council of the BBMP, the magic number to elect a Mayor and Deputy Mayor was 128. However now with BBMP council secretariat indicating that the electoral college comprising corporators, MLAs, MLCs and MPs is 260, the magic number will be 131.

This would mean that the party wanting to form the council at the BBMP would need 131 votes to elect the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

The BJP which is the largest party with 101 corporators says that the voting rights of the legislators and MPs must be questioned.

In an order of the Karnataka High Court passed last month it was stated that the legislators and the MPs have no right to vote in the council. This order was passed in respect of the Basavakalyan muncipal council where the rights of the legislators and MPs to vote in the no-confidence motion was questioned.

The same ought to be applied to the BBMP as well, the BJP contends.

How the parties stand

As per the list prepared by the BBMP council secretariat, the BJP has 126 votes which includes that of the legislators and MPs. The Congress has 101 and the JD(S) 21. The list also shows the names of 8 indpendents, three Rajya Sabha members and two MLCs thus taking this tally up to 12.

As things stand today no party on its own can form the council at the BBMP. The BJP as per the current list is falling short by 5 while the Congress needs 30 more votes.

If the BJP needs to form the council it would need the support of the independents. The Congress on the other hand needs the support of the indepedents and also the JD(S).

The Congress and the JD(S) are in talks with each other to form the council. The BJP which has termed this coalition as unholy however expresses confidence that it will be able to muster up the numbers and form the council at the BBMP.

The BJP states that the people of Bengaluru have given it the mandate and hence it should form the BBMP council.

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