Ayodhya dispute: VHP rejects new formula, calls it 'mental bankruptcy'

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New Delhi, Feb 25: Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has outrightly rejected the fresh proposal to solve the Ayodhya dispute.

This has come a day after various stakeholders proposed new formula to solve the issue amicably.

Ayodhya dispute: VHP rejects new formula

On Tuesday, oldest litigants in Ayodhya title suits Mohammad Hashim Ansari met Akhara Parishad president Mahant Gyan Das and discussed that issue could be resolved if both Temple and Masjid would be built on the disputed site.

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Reportedly, VHP is furious with fresh proposal for accommodating both a mosque and a temple to resolve the Ayodhya dispute and smelt a conspiracy in it as the suggestion was evidence of "mental bankruptcy".

"This is not the first time that such a proposal has been floated. This type of conspiracy can never happen. To think that Mandir and Masjid should be constructed together is evidence of mental bankruptcy," VHP joint general secretary Surendra Kumar Jain said told reporters.

He said this when his attention was drawn to a fresh initiative by the main litigant in Babri Masjid case Hashim Ansari.

The formula for out-of-court settlement broadly talks about the 70-acres of disputed premises accommodating both mosque and temple with a partition wall which will be 100 feet high, according to Gyan Das, the chief priest of Ayodhya's famous Hanuman Garhi temple.
Jain said the proposal itself was an "insult" to judiciary as the High Court had clearly stated that there was a temple which was demolished for a mosque.

"These people are not aware of law. We cannot accept this," he reiterated.
Strongly defending the 'ghar wapsi' programme of the Hindu outfits, he described the initiative as a kind of "vaccination to kill the virus of hatred."

At the same time, he supported enactment of law against religious conversion.

The negotiation process, which started after the September 30 2010, Allahabad High Court verdict over Ayodhya issue, was largely being supported by cross section of the civil society and religious leaders from both the communities.

"We are drafting the final points of negotiation draft which will be presented before the Supreme Court soon after the hearing starts," Gyan Das said after the meeting yesterday, adding, they will be meeting the Prime Minister also to seek his cooperation.

Ansari, said, "After the draft is finalised, we will get it signed by all the top religious leaders from both the communities who are supporting our cause since beginning, before submitting it in the Supreme Court."

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