At the LoC, the soldier is on high alert and charged up

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Life along the Line of Control is not easy. With Pakistan upping the ante against India following the surgical strikes, there is tension along the border. However, the Indian soldier is charged up and will not take Pakistan's provocation lying down.

For a soldier not retaliating especially when Pakistan provokes or kills one of their own is demoralising.

At LoC, soldiers on high alert

However, after the surgical strikes every soldier along the border is charged up. Moreover the government's directive to 'fire two if they fire one' has only pumped up the soldier more.

An officer informed, "Every soldier is happy that the nation is behind them. The nation is singing praises of the army's action across the Line of Control and this has pumped up the soldiers," the officer also adds.

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After the Pakistan army put up red flags on their posts, the Indian army too has done the same. This is to send a message to Pakistan that India will not tolerate any hostility and is ready to pay them back in the same coin, if there is provocation from their end.

The officer adds, "No doubt there is tension and at times an uneasy calm prevails. However, every soldier is alert to the threat and they say that the nation comes first.

There is nothing like having the backing of the entire country, the soldiers say. The soldiers, however, would want the tensions to reduce. But if Pakistan continues to provoke, then there is no option but to hit back," the officer also adds.

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