Alamzeb Afridi: One terror accused, multiple cases

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New Delhi, April 21: Here is an accused who is wanted in almost all cases of terrorism. Alamzeb Afridi for the investigators was a prized catch for investigators as they hope to close nearly half a dozen cases in which they suspect he is involved.

Be it the Wagmon terror camp in Kerala, the attack on the Israeli visa centre at Bengaluru, the Ahmedabad serial blasts, the patna blasts, Afridi is a wanted in all these cases.

Alamzeb Afridi: A prized catch

It may be recalled that he was arrested by the police in January 2016 at Bengaluru and while attempting to evade arrest, he had attacked a police personnel with a knife.

One accused many cases:

Police officials say that he is a key operative. Although it sounds quite far fetched that one man could evade the law since 2006 and carry out so many attacks, the police state that he has had a hand in all these incidents. In fact recently his name had also cropped up in the Bengaluru Church Street blasts and the NIA had said that they finally managed to get the bomber.

According to the police Afridi had attended the Wagmon terror camp in Kerala. It was from there his alleged journey into the world of terror began. An AC mechanic by profession, it is still not clear how journey began into the world of terror. Officials however say that he became a full fledged operative after attending the camp in Kerala.

His name has cropped up in the Ahmedabad serial blasts of 2008 in which 50 persons were killed. Following this name once again cropped up during the Patna serial blasts of 2014. Further the police also suspected that he had a hand in the attack on the Israeli visa centre at Bengaluru in 2015.

It was the Hyderabad police which finally nabbed him at Bengaluru. This was the same time that there was a nation wide crack down on an alleged ISIS module in which over 20 persons were arrested. After his arrest he was taken to Hyderabad and a few days later the police claimed that he had confessed to his role in the Church Street blasts.

The NIA immediately came into the picture as the Church Street blasts was being handled by this agency. After questioning him even the NIA confirmed that with the arrest of Afridi, the case had been solved. Currently Afridi is on a transit remand and has been taken to Gujarat.

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