10 terrorists entering India: The real story behind the alert from Pakistan

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New Delhi, Mar 9: A few days back there was an alert from Pakistan stating that ten terrorists had entered India. The security mechanism went into a tizzy with vigil being upped in Gujarat, Delhi among other places.

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The question is where are these terrorists? It has been almost five days since the alert and none of them have been found leave alone being tracked at least.

Real story behind the alert from Pak

The question is did ten terrorists really come into India? If they have then where are there and why is the police of so many states unable to find them.

Why is there not even a single bleep on the radar of the Intelligence Bureau. Even the Intelligence United States of America says that there is nothing as of now to suggest that ten terrorists have entered. Things brings us to the question- why did Pakistan issue the alert?

Why did Pakistan issue this alert?

A highly placed source in Delhi tells OneIndia that there are two reasons behind this alert being issued by Pakistan. Post the Pathankot attack India felt extremely let down especially since it came a few days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the bold decision to visit Pakistan.

Pakistan was under a lot of pressure not only from India, but from the United States of America. America instructed Pakistan to act on terror and also ensure that there is no break down of talks with India. The visit by Modi was seen as a welcome move by the rest of the world as it is important that India and Pakistan continue to make attempts at talking peace.

Although Pakistan has claimed that it has registered cases against some persons involved in the Pathankot attack, it is a well know fact that they will not go all out. Some of the seminaries of the Jaish-e-Mohammad continue to operate and there is no concrete action against its chief Maulana Masood Azhar who continues to remain in "protective custody."

In the back drop of all this such an alert being issued which itself is a rare occurrence appears as a good will gesture by Pakistan. It also shows that Pakistan is attempting to build bridges with India and this alert was meant to wipe out a trust deficit. Whether the alert is correct or not is one part of the issue, but the larger meaning was to earn India's trust.

While this is one part of the story, officials with the Intelligence Bureau say that they also need to scrutinise this move carefully. Issuing one such alert and sharing it with India does not mean that the trust deficit is wiped out completely. Pakistan cannot assure that none of the non state actors will tow the line.

This second point is important since such an alert also could well be a way of Pakistan trying to wash its hands off in case there is indeed an attack in India. If such an attack were to take place, then Pakistan can always say, " see we told you."

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