Hyderabad: Peer pressure forces students to become chain snatchers

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Hyderabad, Aug 8: Chain snatching has been a recurrent problem in Hyderabad, but what is alarming is there are increasing number of students who have taken to this 'profession'. According to the police, of the chain snatchers arrested, 25% were students- some pursuing education and some college drop-outs.

Although most of these students belong to well-to-do families, lack of guidance and moral values lead them to this profession. And what attracts these students to such anti-social activity is easy money and a luxurious lifestyle.

chain snatching

A senior police officer said, "Lack of monitoring by parents and control on their desires, is making them commit such offences. In most cases, the chain snatching victims lose their mangalsutra, which they view as sacred. If the student snatchers know the value of it they will not resort to such offences."

Six students were arrested in Cyberabad West commissionerate in 2016 and 14 students were arrested in Cyberabad East commissionerate for chain snatchings.

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