An English teacher from Hyderabad who administered oath of allegiance to ISIS

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Hyderabad, July 13: At a meeting held in Hyderabad 7 men pledged their allegiance to the formation of Caliphate and the so-called Caliph Abu Bakr al-Bhagdadi. The seven men who are now in the custody of the National Investigating Agency got together and decided that they would strike in Hyderabad in the name of the ISIS.

Investigations being conducted by the NIA show that these men were determined that they will hit Hyderabad in a bid to announce the arrival of the ISIS.

Eng teacher pledged allegiance to ISIS

The plan following the blast was to make an announcement and urge the like minded youth to help set up a Caliphate in the city.

The man who administered the oath

On Tuesday the NIA arrested two persons, Ataullah Rehman and Maimathullah Hussaini (NIA arrests 2 more from Hyderabad in ISIS case). While one has been termed as the chief of the module the other has been described as the fund raiser.

Ataullah Rehman alias Ghouse, aged 32 is an English teacher by profession. His fluency in Arabic also led him to taking a class in that language. It was at the house of Ibrahim Yazdani that he would coach students in Arabic.

It was out here that he along with Yazdani who is also under arrest decided to form a module.

After gathering a bunch of like minded youth they got down to planning their next move. Before they formally formed the module, Ghouse administered the Bayáh (oath of allegiance). They pledged their full support to Abu Bakr al-Bhagdadi the self styled Caliph who heads the ISIS.

The other person who was arrested on Tuesday was Naimathullah Hussaini alias Yasir alias Abu Darda, aged 42. According to the NIA he was appointed as the Emir or head of the module in Hyderabad.

He has been accused by the NIA for collecting funds for the module. He works at a garments shop in Khairatabad area in Hyderabad.

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