US poll 2016: Why Donald Trump's model wife Melania has taken on the Obamas

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Republican Donald Trump, who won the New Hampshire Primary on February 9, has his criticism on President Barack Obama's two terms, which is normal in a political fight. But Trump's wife Melania, a successful model who came to the USA in the mid-1990s to live the American dream, too, has taken up the fight in favour of her billionaire husband against the Obamas, including First Lady Michelle.

Melania loves America and that wins her more love

Forty-five-year-old Melania, who was born in Slovenia (then a part of former Yugoslavia) and became a naturalised US citizen in 2006 [Read here], recently said her husband is the leader the US needs to clean up the mess created by Obama's consecutive terms. And unlike Michelle Obama, who is known for bashing America's "harmful cultural norms", Melania is proud of her country.



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Melania won entry to US hard way and thus hates those who allow illegal entries

Melania is upset over the fact that while she had religiously followed the rules to become an American citizen, the Obama administration was seen allowing illegal immigrants entering the US and staying there. There is no surprise in the fact that her husband wants to build a wall along the US-Mexico border and even eyeing a ban on Muslims entering the country.

If Trump goes on to win the presidency, Melani, who holds a degree in design and architecture, will be the second first lady to have been born outside the US (after John Quincy Adam's England-born wife Louisa).

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