Turkish military coup is fine, but Erdogan seems to have called for it

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan may now be seen standing by the side of the Turkish people protesting against the military coup, but there is every reason that his supporters alone can save him since he is not in the good books of many, apart from US (who have their own vested interest in the country).

He is otherwise hated by the Egyptians, Russians, Kurds and the Syrians.


Eygptian Islamists warn Erdogan

The Turkish President's tiff with Egypt began when he supported the brotherhood and President Mohammed Morsi after he was toppled by Egyptian general Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi. According to him, Sisi was an anti-democratic, ruthless dictator. Even 22 million signatures demanding the resignation of Morsi did not deter Erdogan from withdrawing his statement. Morsi was ill-famed for his take on Christians and is known to have destroyed Churches and attack Christians. Moreover, Coptic girls were kidnapped, raped and forced to get married to Muslims after being converted to Islam. They are then never allowed to see their Christian families.

'Democracy' is one thing, being biased toward a particular ideology is another. And Erdogan does the later, to be precise. He is anything but supporting the democratic procedure, which brought Morsi, but backs him for a similar ideology. Both men are hard core Islamists and can go to any extent to force their religious views on others.

They believe that the State should be treated as the 'hands of God' and anything that they should be blindly followed. Anyone who questions it should be ostracized, intimidated and persecuted.

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Erdogan's take on Israel and Jews

Akin to what Morsi believed, Erdogan is not fond of Israel and had once stormed out of a meeting with Israeli President Shimon Peres at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The Islamic World responded enthusiastically saying, "finally, a Muslim leader had the guts to humiliate Israel, live on TV."

But he left the rest of the world confused as he pretended to welcome Israel with open arms. Even today, during the Turkey Coupe, he sent out a direct warning to the Palestinians saying that those behind the incident would be severely punished.

Erdogan's hate chemistry with Bashar al-Assad

Erdogan had once wanted the Bashar Al-Assad regime to be toppled. He had said that limited airstrikes by the US is not enough and pushed for a broader military offensive. Once a pro-Assad, he has now turned into a fierce critic and since the beginning of the Syrian war, he constantly called on Assad to go.

Incidentally, the heightened tension between the two leaders has led to many cross-border incident, including the explosion of a Syrian mortar in Turkish territory, which killed five civilians last year. In response, the Turkish government responded with military force.

Russia hates Erdogan

After Turkish jets shot a Russian bomber, the already shrivelled relationship between Russia and Turkey reached heightened tensions. A pro-Erdogan media accused Russia of supporting Assad "the enemy of Islam". Likewise, the Turkish media is evoking the past wars between the two countries and showing how Turkey has been defeated and the Turks massacred. In fact, Russia is portrayed as a genocidal entity.

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Erdogan's monopoly against the Kurds

The conflict between the Kurds and Turkey is primarily known as the Turkey-Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) conflict. It comprises of an armed Kurdish insurgent group fighting for greater autonomy and greater political and cultural rights inside Turkey.

The reason of Erdogan's hatred for the Kurds in Turkey seems to be purely political as the latter played an important role in destabilising the election campaign by the AKP party, the AKP could not reach consensus with any political parties to form a coalition.

According to a report by the Global Comment, "This time around, it seems that Erdogan and the AKP opted to demonize the pro-Kurd People's Democratic Party (HDP) and its supporters in an attempt to not only regain a majority, but to reach the two thirds threshold needed for a transformation in presidential systems. To attain this goal, Erdogan and the (Justice and Development Party) AKP tried to use fear strategically in order to strengthen its nationalist vote by unreservedly accusing the HDP of acting with, and supporting the PKK in its terrorist activities. However, the pro-Kurdish HDP is known to be fundamentally opposed to violence and is focused on working towards a peaceful solution for Turkish Kurds."

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In fact, Erdogan has often been seen terming the Kurds as terrorists and recently, he asked US to choose between the Kurd 'terrorists' and Turkey when it came to fighting the ISIS.

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