Trinamool Congress: Is a rebellion brewing within?

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Is the Trinamool Congress changing or is a rebellion brewing. Dampened by a host of scams and also the Burdwan blasts, the party's image has taken a beating and many have started to question the party's agenda and whether it is even serious about ruling the state.

The recent protest organized in support of Madan Mitra was called off suddenly. The protest was called off after Mamta Banerjee returned to West Bengal from New Delhi. Sources say that a senior leader had a lot to say to her and also the handling of the various cases against her party men.

Trinamool: Is a rebellion brewing?

O'Brien pleads:

One of the most vocal of all the leaders in the Trinamool Congress (TMC) has been the former quiz master Derek O'Brien. He has been vocal in parliament and also on the social media. His outbursts against the CBI probe into the Saradha scam have become a talking point.

However very recently in Parliament he came out a cropper when one of his fellow party men blatantly refused to tow his line. The TMC which has been the primary disruptor of the Rajya Sabha has been protesting against the BJP government. During a protest in the well of the house in the Rajya Sabha, O'Brein was seen urging his party men to join the protest.

However the one who turn him down blatantly was K D Singh. He just refused to join the protest in the well of the house which left the former quizzer quizzed.

Kalyan Banerjee praises Modi:

Another incident that left the TMC red faced when one of its leaders Kalyan Banerjee indirectly praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Banerjee who is in the inner circle of Mamta Banerjee had a very simple praise of Modi when he said that people are today in love with his jacket. Earlier it was called the Nehru jacket, but today it is the Modi jacket.

Sugata Bose:

He was the one who announced that the protest against Madan Mitra had been called off. The TMC, Member of Parliament had another surprise up his sleeve when he demanded punishment for those who cheated the people of their money.

He was making a reference to the Saradha scam and clearly seemed disgusted at the way in which the poor had been cheated of their money.

The rebellion:

It appears to be a rebellion of sorts by the few good men who have learnt to respect the probe. Probably they have taken a cue from the Naven Patnaik government which too is facing a host of allegations in similar scams.

Sources say that the probe into the Saradha scam will intensify in the days to come. If more names crop up and the attitude of some TMC leaders of unnecessarily troubling the investigators continues then many from the party will rebel of just come out.

Is it a ploy:

While there is a possibility of a major rebellion, this could also be a deliberate exercise by the MP's of the TMC to cleanse the image of Mamta Banerjee.

The TMC is caught between the devil and the deep sea. One one hand it cannot get away by not defending its leaders who have been questioned or arrested. These are the leaders who hold a huge a vote bank.

On the other hand it also needs to send a message to the public that it is serious about cleansing corruption. Mindlessly defending persons accused of being part of scams has only ensured that the image of the party has taken a beating.

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