Soon, travelling in Delhi will be just a swipe away

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Soon, e tickets to be launched.
DTC buses will soon have Electronic Token Machine (ETM) in its low floor buses as the transport corporation is planning to take this technological leap soon.

As per reports, the machines will be installed near the conductor's seat and is aimed to plug the holes in DTC's existing revenue collection system. This will also be a step towards an Automated Fare Collection (AFC) system and will also include Delhi Metro in the project.

How will these cards work?

  • Passengers will have to swipe their smart cards by mentioning their destination on it.
  • The money will be automatically deducted from the card as it happens in case of metro cards.
  • The smart cards will be recharged at various DTC centres.
  • The same cards will also be used for availing metro services as the ETMs will be connected with the server of Delhi Metro also.
  • The project which has missed various deadlines is expected to be launched by January 2015.

How will this technological leap benefit?

  • The biggest benefit the electronic ticketing machine will be in revenue collection.
  • It will also help in cutting down on the ticketless travel by commuters.
  • The ETM will also ensure that fare for every ticket sold is accounted for, which at present is done manually.
  • Leakage of revenue will be tackled as all the DTC buses will be on GPS which will ensure that buses don't miss stops and go on the designated route.
  • To give better facilities to the passengers, after installing ETMs in buses, introduction of common cards for travelling in both DTC and Metro will take place.

The smart card to be used in all modes of transport

  • After the ETMs the smart card will be launched which could be used in all the modes of transport in Delhi, including auto-rickshaws and taxis.
  • The card will also be accepted in the cluster buses operated by the Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS).
  • This new system will be started under a a pilot project in two depots and then later will be extended to all DTC buses once the system is streamlined.
  • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)'s More Delhi card will be accepted as a mode of payment in DTC buses.
  • The move will help in integrating various modes of transport in the city and will also facilitate seamless travel in the capital.

Target of two phases to meet the deadline

  • In the first phase, the company will install the system in 200 DTC buses and operate it through ETMs.
  • In the second phase, the system will be replicated in the entire fleet of nearly 5,500 DTC buses.
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