Political Activities in Poll Bound Puducherry

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The exceedingly scenic union territory Puducherry is witnessing heightened political activities as the assembly elections are just round the corner.

The union territory is to witness a three cornered contest as AIADMK has decided to contest election independently. The second corner will be DMK and Congress alliance and third one of the ruling AINRC.


Fortune of the political parties:

Chief Minister N Rangasamy broke from Congress and allied with AIADMK for the 2011 assembly election and achieved huge success.

This time Congress as allied with DMK for Tamil Nadu and Puducherry assembly elections. In Puducherry though Congress is the dominant partner.

Issues that will hog limelight:

Almost all political experts believe that caste will not be a big factor for Puducherry Assembly Elections 2016.

However, lack of development works might be an issue during this election along with the prevailing lawlessness.

Many a political observers believe that Congress will try to highlight the issues like intolerance and secularism. This is pretty obvious as minorities form a big part of the voters. Christians form 6.2 percent and Muslims form 6 percent of the voter base.

Also women empowerment will be an issue during this election.

Congress leader V Vaithilingam, the leader of opposition and former chief minister of Puducherry has been quoted to say that poor governance, very little industrial development, unemployment etc. would be the issues that Congress party would take come election time.
Government's defence against charges:

The ruling party supporters say that the Chief Minister has concentrated on development work as well as offered many social welfare schemes.

It was mentioned that in Puducherry there is free medical education for the weaker classes which is not available anywhere else in India.

Wooing voters:

As Puducherry Assembly Elections 2016 near, the UT it was observed is bustling with various temple festivals.

Many political analysts feel it is an emotional card used by the politicians to woo majority Hindu votes.

Puducherry government had declared a day's holiday for all schools, colleges and government departments for people to participate in celebrations being held at over 25 temples in the UT.

Also Thirukkanji Gangavaraha Nandeeswaran temple saw Kumbabishekam being performed after a gap of 48 years.

Government servants queue up to contest:

As Puducherry gears up for the polls the UT is seeing many government servants retiring with a hope to contest the election. AIADMK's candidate list features around 10 government servants who have never contested an election before. One contestant of AIADMK is retired government servant and another one is a police officer.

Many other government servants are opting for voluntary retirement scheme and plan to contest election on ruling AINRC ticket or as an independent candidate.

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