PMs & their problems: Corruption hurt Manmohan, can Modi tackle saffron politics?

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Narendra Modi had prevailed over the BJP before India went to a historic election in April-May this year. The party was clearly relegated to a second position when compared to Modi and his personalised authority. Those who tried to stop his rise were sidelined while others surrendered to their fate.

Seven months after Modi took over as the prime minister as the culmination of his upward journey, the one-man model of the BJP is looking suspicious. Is the sword of personalised authority proving to be a double-edged sword for Modi?


One-man show cuts both ways: Narendra Modi is experiencing it

While it made him the hero when the BJP returned to power with a single majority in May, it is also making him the target of the opposition's wrath when the right-wing fanatics have started celebrating their mission for conversions across the nation.

Can just words stop the right-wing fanatics?

The prime minister is speaking against the conservative political speeches of his own party leaders and acts by those belonging to the saffron outfits, but there is little sign of things changing for the better. Can PM Modi really afford to resolve this issue by mostly avoiding to speak on it?

The majority for the BJP in the Lok Sabha election and the party's superior show in a number of state elections have bolstered the right-wing elements to pursue their dream of a Hindu Rashtra in India.

Saffron brigade is feeling elated to pursue their dream for a Hindu Bharat

The Yogis, Babas and the Sadhvis know that this is perhaps their best chance to change India's course of history by turning it into a monolithic nation. For there is no compulsion of coalition politics and the prime minister himself is known to be a leader who is at the peak of his popularity in the minds of the Hindus.

But for Modi, this certainly puts him in a zone of discomfort. The man had a tough struggle changing his image since the Gujarat riots of 2002 and stormed to power with the help of his vision of development.

Modi's administrative & foreign policy initiatives have been impressive but what about socio-religious measures?

His government announced various schemes to cater to the people and improve the brand called India abroad, both through economic and foreign policy initiatives. But Modi's government can not say that it has covered grounds to the same length when it comes to bridging social gaps in the country. The right-wing fanatics are making it more difficult for the government.

It will be almost impossible for Modi and his men at the top to completely douse the fire of religious antipathy for it is an integral culture of the political camp that they represent. But can they stop the fire from taking shape of an arson?


Manmohan Singh was done in by corruption, will Modi face a similar consequence over religious antipathy?

This is perhaps PM Modi's biggest challenge besides the question of economic reforms. His predecessor Manmohan Singh was often criticised for not speaking against corruption. Now, PM Modi could face similar criticism if he doesn't go after the ills of hate speeches and conversions that are becoming rampant with each passing day.

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