Pink Terrorism theory: Illegal slaughtering funds terrorism?

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Maneka Gandhi
At a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is leaving no stone unturned to make things better, some of his coteries have this single point agenda to stock new controversy daily. Though i am not mentioning here the previous names, the latest who has joined this bandwagon is Union Minister Maneka Gandhi.

What Maneka Gandhi has said?

The Minister for Women and Child Welfare, Maneka Gandhi has stirred hornet's nest by saying that money earned through slaughtering of animals is being used for funding terrorism. "Slaughter of milking animals is a trade of Indians. Money through trade of slaughtered animals goes into terrorism . Why are we allowing this?" she said, while speaking at 'India for Animals' conference in Jaipur.

Though she immediately rectified her statement by saying that it has nothing to do with any particular religion. "A slaughterer could be a Muslim but the transporter and the owners of the cows are often Hindus and non-Muslims. So it is not about religion but about trade and greed for money."

Modi had mauled UPA before LS election
It can be remembered that during run up to the Lok Sabha election, Narendra Modi had assailed UPA Government for encouraging  promoting meat export and cow slaughter
, meant for milk production. Charging erstwhile Government, he had said that people might had heard white, green revolution but Congress-led coalition were obsessed with this 'pink revolution'. "There is no subsidy for farmers or for rearing cattle, but the Congress gives subsidy to those who slaughter cows", Modi had said.

UPA gave befitting reply

Stepping up the ante in response of this barb, Congress had said that if he was so concerned with the issue why he didn't close down the slaughterhouses  in Gujarat which were producing more than 22,000 metric tons of meat for export.

Alleging that BJP Prime Ministerial candidate was intentionally giving communal colour to election, Congress spokesperson Abhay Dubey had said "Modi was accusing UPA government of pink revolution with obvious communal overtones. BJP in its 2004 election manifesto had promised to raise meat export from Rs 250 crore to Rs 1000 crore."

Export has increased recently

According to an Indian Express report, India is currently the biggest beef exporter in the world after Brazil. Government data shows that export has been increased in recent years. The figure increased to $3.2 billion in 2012/13 against $1.9 billion in 2010/11.

In 2012-13 Rs 21,000 crore was earned through this export business. The countries like US, Europe, the Gulf and South-East Asian are the major markets for Indian meat.

On condition of anonymity, an official with the Department of Animal Husbandry during UPA regime said, "It is a fact that the government is giving increased attention to introducing international standards in meat production. Our department has played a crucial role and we are happy about it'.

The Uttar Pradesh is at present the biggest producer of meat while Kerela is biggest consumer. There is no legal permission for cow slaughtering in most of the States and it is only legal in Kerala, West Bengal and the north-eastern states.

The supporters of this meat business say that this beaf production source is only buffaloes not cow. And that is also unproductive one. So there is nothing wrong in it.

What could be concluded with this statement of Maneka?

Though there is nothing wrong in Menka's statement, but why this sudden out of blue reaction over this sensitive topic. Is it something to do with recent Varun Gandhi's demotion who was sidelined in the party. One can't scan anyone's mind really to get the idea what exactly is going through the mind.

During Lok Sabha election, the BJP had vowed that if they will come to power then the beef export along with the subsidy thing will be dealt with iron hand. Recently only, the party had announced ‘Rashtriya Gokul Mission' to protect local cow breeds and earmarked an amount of Rs 500 crore in that direction.

Problem is the way swathes of BJP leaders recently raked controversy with assertion about Hinduism, this doubt is bound to happen. Only time will tell about the ramification of this statement and what is the real motive of the incumbent Government.

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