Pathankot terror strikes leave us with fewer bravehearts

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Three days into the Pathankot terror strike, Pakistan may be left with fewer terrorists, but we would be left with fewer bravehearts.

As the nation analyses the attacks and Pakistan's motto behind it, there are families who are yet to realise that their loved-ones are no more. In fact, some had just ventured into the new phases of their lives, building their careers on them.

NIranjan Kumar

A big salute to them!

Lt Col Niranjan of NSG: This young officer was the latest casualty of the Pathankot terror attack as he was killed by an IED bomb. A bomb disposal expert, Kumar died on Sunday while defusing a grenade after terrorists attacked an Indian Air Force base in Punjab's Pathankot. Four jawans were also injured in the grenade blast and one of them is serious.

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The 34-year old is survived by his father, his wife Dr KG Radhika and a 2-year old daughter. He was promoted to the post of Lt Col in the elite NSG just a few months ago.

Lt Col Niranjan's house

Capt Fateh Singh of DSC: He brought pride to India not just this time, but many times earlier. Belonging to the Army's Markmaship Unit in Mhow for many years, he joined the Defence Security Corps after retiring from the Army as a Subedar Major. He served the Doghra Regiment till last year and was later transferred to Pathankot.

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Hawaldar Kulwant Singh of DSC: He too died while fighting the attackers on Saturday. During his 30 years of survice to the DSC, Havildar Kulwant Singh had always been posted far from home. Barely two months ago, he was posted to his home state of Punjab. He had joined the army when he was 19 and retired in 2004 and joined the DSC the same year.


Hawaldar Jagdish: He worked as a cook in the base and was working in the kitchen when the terrorists struck. The IAF, in a press conference, revealed that he took on the terrorists and chased them away bare-handed and even killed one of them with his rifle. He later died as the rest of the terrorists splayed him with bullets.

Sanjeevan Singh Rana: Another Havaldar with the DSC, he died on the first day of the attacks.

Combing operations

Corporal Gursewak Singh, A Garud Commando: He died while sanitising the base from the terrorists. He got married 2 months ago. 

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