Odd even formula: Good move by Kejriwal govt but short of coherent strategy

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To reduce its record-high air pollution, Delhi kicked off a sweeping plan - Odd-even formula - from the very first day of the new year.

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As per the formula given by the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, the number of cars plying on the streets have been restricted in such a manner that private cars bearing odd registration plates can ply on odd dates while those with even numbers on even dates. Not to forget the fact is that those caught violating the same have to pay a penalty of Rs 2,000.

Odd-even formula a success or menace?

The plan which has been implemented for 15 days, has garnered mixed reactions. On one hand the CM has been lauded by the 'aam admi' and on the other the same 'aam admi' has also criticised Kejriwal for bringing in such a system which has created chaos in the public transport.

Less traffic on road

Many are pestered by this plan but many also say that the traffic on roads has been reduced to such a level that the drive from home to office and back seems much more easier than the earlier days. "The drive from my home to Office seems hassle free now, after this odd-even plan has been implemented by the Delhi Government, says Trisha, a Content writer, who works for a PR agency.

Traffic on road is less but the public transport has become a menace

Though traffic movement on the usually clogged streets of Delhi seemed smooth in the new year, but those who travel in the public transport seems to have had a harrowing experience as metros and buses are hell crowded after the implementation of this formula.

With this formula coming into force, many more things need to be done so that things are smooth both on road and in public transport. Though the number of metro rides and number of DTC buses were suppose to increase but it seems that the increased number could not make things really good for the metro and bus commuters.

Not only the number of buses and metro rides was suppose to increase, even the number of auto-rickshaws was also suppose to see a surge which probably did not happen and led to a lot of chaos.

"Ï had to leave three metros and even after that I could not reach my destined point as the metro was so crowded. I got down at Rajiv Chowk instead of RK Ashram Marg and took an auto from there to reach my office," said Manveet, a content writer, while sharing her experience of metro during the odd-even day.

Equal emphasis needed on expanding public transportation

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal himself said that the plan cannot be made permanent. This experiment with the odd-even numbers will end in fifteen days but it has given a very important lesson within just 2-3 days.

This plan has exposed the poor public transport system in the capital and has thus also revealed the fact that better public transport is the solution to many problems.

If with the implementation of this formula, focus can be shifted on better public transportation networks, people will definitely use with comfort in preference to their private vehicles.

Odd-even a success or menace?

Many have already stamped the odd-even formula as a successful one as commuters are facing less traffic, but then there are also those who are really facing a lot of trouble while commuting in the public transport.

The answer to Delhi's pollution woes may probably lie in the odd-even formula, but if the public transport issue will not be resolved, then the same may take another turn and trouble for the Delhi Government.

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