NGOs: Some fly by night, many stay on stubbornly

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Several NGOs in India have become a bane. While the government is pushing hard with action against several NGOs which have worked contrary to the image of India, the real challenge lies while dealing with those fly by night NGOs.

An order of the Home Ministry shows that there are 510 NGOs in India whose are not traceable. Notices were sent repeatedly to these NGOs but the same was returned which meant none were present at the address.

Fly by night NGOs crop up in India

The fly by night NGOs

Intelligence Bureau officials who have put out a detailed report on the anti India NGOs have also noted that there are several such organizations which have cropped up overnight and closed down immediately.

These are fly by night NGOs who operate only for a stipulated period of time and once they get the job done, they shut shop. Several such NGOs have been reported for forcible conversions and terrorism related activity.

Such fly by night NGOs have cropped up in several states and once they bring in the funds, they shut shop. The NGO is opened only with an intent of making a valid fund transfer. However they are unable to explain the expenditure which is mandatory as per the rules and hence they close shop, an IB official informed.

The murky NGOs

The very fact that NGOs are unable to explain their expenditure is murky. The Home Ministry has been seeking details from NGOs about their funds and with no response coming in, the licences of 8,975 NGOs have been cancelled.

A home ministry official told OneIndia that if they had nothing to hide, they would have responded to our notices asking for details on their expenditure and funding. The very fact that they chose not to respond goes on to show they have something to hide.

All these NGOs have found to be in violation of Section 14 of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of 2010. Out of the 8,975 licences of NGOs that stand cancelled, it was also found that 510 of them were not traceable any longer.

What are they hiding?

The modus operandi of these fly by night NGOs is a simple. They apply for a licence claiming to be doing some good work. The licences are granted by the state or the district authorities.

To put up a show they go about doing some charitable work. After a couple of months when the entire operation looks bonafide they get in their first share of funds. The funds are collected for a period of one to two years and used for various activities such as conversion, sponsoring communal violence and terror related activities.

When they feel that the law could get up to them, they close shop. The question is do they permanently shut shop? They wait for a year or so and then register a new NGO.

This is an ongoing racket and the same persons with the same sources from abroad are known to have opened up more than NGO year after year with the agenda remaining the same.

Some NGOs just stick

While the fly by night NGOs work on short term goals, the bigger ones who chose to defame the government and question the policy stick on forever. They are the rich lot who have resources to fight out battles in court. More importantly they have a ton of cash to manage both the parliamentarians and more importantly the media.

These NGOs are funded not by individuals, but foreign governments and spy agencies. The funding is huge and they are asked to operate in India only with an intent of blocking developmental work and defaming the government with an intention of scaring away the investors.

They indulge in economic and cultural terrorism and the recent BBC documentary was one such instance.

NGOs which have been funded by the Ford Foundation have also played a major role in cultural terrorism. We saw the NGOs funded by them becoming active in Gujarat. In the case of Greenpeace they led a campaign against the Mahan Coal Project.

Home Ministry officials say that the big NGOs will continue to linger on for as long as possible. They are part of a foreign policy of other governments and they will fight tooth and nail and do everything they can to stay on in India for as long as possible.

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