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Rahul makes a blooper again: Know why Congress will again face rout in assembly poll


Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi finally comes out from hibernation. At a time when only seven days left for the big day, Congress vice-president finally got time to speak( listen to your own risk). Currently he is speaking at a Rally in Maharashtra and possibility is high that he might makes some goof ups. I am not saying this, but his past records force me to maintain such rhetoric.

Imagine the future Prime Ministerial candidate of Congress party, Gandhi scion has not held even a single rally for Maharashtra and Haryana. No no no, he is not Prime Minister who has this busy schedule through out the day. But the reality is he doesn't have this will power to make things work for the party

Modi held number of rallies but Rahul ...

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done more than twelve rallies in both the States in spite of his busy schedule while while Congress vice-president has not done even a single one. Modi's energy is really stupendous ( fasted during Navratra) unlike Gandhi scion's tardiness.

Despite his(Modi) packed schedule of foreign visits i.e United States, China and Japan he was well available for party. After landing in India from US, he took clean India mission with vigour. Then from October 4 onwards on an average he has held 3-4 rallies every days. According to latest report, Gandhi heir has termed prime Minister Modi as opposition leader. With this he has added one more blooper in his list.

According to report, till October 13, Modi will do around 50 rallies while both Sonia Gandhi and his son will 20 total.Point is when election dates were announced on 12 September only, why Congress leaders were in this sleeping mode?

In pressed tone, many of the Congress leaders are criticizing this move of Rahul Gandhi . It is being believed that as Congress has very little hope to score high in the elections, so Gandhi scion doesn't want to take onus upon himself. This is the main reason for shying away from the responsibility.

Questioned PM for enjoying drum beats in Japan

Rahul Gandhi who is either known for his 'slumber mode' or jumping to the well episode but hardly for any right reason. Recently, out of blue he questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi indifferent attitude towards domestic politics and enjoying drum beat at foreign soil.

Raising big question mark over Modi Government, Rahul had said, "They made big promises but where is the result? They might have forgotten so let me remind them. They said they will change the country, bring down prices, reduce corruption. 100 days are over.

"At least begin working now. People say they have not even started working. The PM is playing drum in Japan while there is no electricity here and prices are rising". With this statement, one gets hint that Rahul Gandhi really concerns about people's problem. But if this is so then why he went to Kashmir days after the nature's fury hit the State.

Rahul Gandhi was found napping in LS

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi was seen napping in Parliament while serious discussion was going on in august House. Is this the way party's top most leader should act? Rahul hardly participated in discussions during 15th Lok Sabha and looks to be doing the same in the ongoing 16th Lok Sabha as well.

His leadership skill is pathetic and that has been proved time and again. He has been criticised at top of the voice by many party leaders. Is he really deserve to be given the rein of the Congress party?

Tough Time for Congress party but real action is missing

The Congress party was routed by Modi led troops in Lok Sabha election. The BJP had pushed Congress to lowest tally ever in history in that historic poll.But sadly, congress didn't learn any lesson out of that. Top leaders did some eye washing exercise and on ground level noting got changed.

At a time when, Congress party is facing worst time, right from National Herald case, Vadra land deal to recent Natwar Singh's book controversy and above all party's dwindling morale, it is really shocking that top leaders are maintaining this indifferent attitude.

No effort is being made to resuscitate the moribund dynasty party. Though morale got little boost up after recent by poll result. But that is not enough. It seems party has lost all hope to turn the things around in their favour.

They themselves don't want to make a come back it seems. It is really ironical that one of the biggest party is seriously facing big crisis!

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