Same day, two 'Janazaas'; When Yakub died in isolation, Missile Man had millions to follow

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If this is not the irony of life, then what is! Yakub Memon and Dr Abdul Kalam's lives have left behind lessons for one and all.

Call it Karma, but both were renowned for their deeds- one unceremoniously, the other ceremoniously. The last journey almost began together, but a stark difference could be observed.

Yakub Memon

'The world is a stage and we are just characters of a play'

Yakub and Kalam, both were instrumental in changing the lives of people. While the former destroyed 250 families, the latter took the country of 1 billion to the top.

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Whether or not Yakub should have been executed for the 1993 Mumbai blasts is yet to be ascertained, but the very fact that he is the kin of the uncelebrated terrorist Tiger Memon seems to be enough for branding him an anti-social element.

Yakub Memon

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The approval of the mercy plea was a remote possibility, given the history of the Presidential chair where most of them have been rejected, barring a few. But, signature campaigns in favour of Yakub's execution cried out loud what the nation felt about him.

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After three failed attempts to get his mercy plea approved by the President, Yakub is said to have lost all hopes at the end. The night before his execution and after his last mercy plea to the president was rejected, Yakub said he did not get the judgement that he deserved. He was being executed for being Tiger Memon's brother.

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Yakub's swinging faith of getting justice was rather tragic when he was found defending himself with data lesser known to the world. The fact that he had surrendered himself, the way he completed his double MA from jail and how he prepared two convicts in clearing the SSC all seemed to have been miniscule efforts in paying for the 257 lives in the 1993 blasts. Memon's destiny was final and there was no deviations from it.

Yakub Memon

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He died a silent death in the Nagpur jail today, surrounded by the hangman and the jail officials. With no family to shed a tear on his body and the gruesome last minute details would force anyone to believe in Karma and its power to determine our destiny.

Death too was not easy for him as the authorities debated whether his body should be handed over to the family members or should be buried in the jail premises. His mortal remains were finally handed over to his family members in ignominy.

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A journey to remember

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's final journey still gave hope that life is worth living if good was done. The scientist, orator, the artist, and the teacher effortlessly earned the name of the Missile Man with his vision and dedication. But being a 'Missile Man with a heart' did not skip the people's eyes.

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Recalling their chance encounters with the former President of India, many came forward to pay their last respects, a massive crowd followed from Shillong to his hometown Rameswaram where he was finally put to rest.

Indeed! he had won the hearts of millions. The State and military honours bestowed to him were one of kind with 21 Gun Salutes for the former Chief Commander and the rattles reverberated in the silence of solemn town.

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Kalam tribute

Media reports suggest, there were close to 100,000 people following his casket to the burial ground, most of them students and youths who were inspired by his speeches and his teachings. The hearts that were touched by Kalam's love paid their last dues at his grave.

Human Beings are helpless in the hands of death, but how one embraces it is what steals the show.

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