Mamata 'threatens' industrial group: Is this how a state is run?

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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday said at a rally in Salboni in West Midnapore district of the state that of the Jindal Group did not complete its steel plant project there fast and pay those families that lost their land for the project the monthly compensation of Rs 5,000, her administration would take the necessary steps.

She also threatened to take back the 4,000 acres that were acquired for the project if the work was not completed.

For her party and its supporters, such an open ultimatum might not mean a big but for those closely watching the state and its economy, this is an ominous sign. Banerjee hasn't succeeded in changing Bengal's industrial fortunes in three years since coming to power and now, with her issuing such threats in disguise to an industrial group from an open stage, one can understand what is in store for the state's brittle industrialisation. Wasn't there seats in her Secretariat to accommodate representatives of the Jindal Group for a meeting on this issue? Or did Banerjee think it was wise to run the administration from a public platform?

Couldn't Mamata Banerjee discuss the issue with the Jindals at the Secretariat?

Banerjee and her party have systematically carried out the process of destroying whatever little potential Bengal has in terms of economic development. Very few industrialist will have the confidence to invest in the state after the chief executive issues open threats. The law and order situation in the state has reached the nadir.

The courts are regularly reprimanding the administration and the police for failing to carry out their basic duties. Motormouth loyalists of the chief minister are issuing threats at will with nobody questioning them. The chief minister, too, has been known for her retaliatory mood if things don't occur at per her likings.

For Bengal and its people, good fortunes look increasingly distant.

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