Madrasa controversy: BJP needs to rein in wayward Parliamentarians

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BJP's Unnao MP Sakshi Maharaj did it again. Days after courting controversy over his 'love jihad' remark, Maharaj on Sunday alleged that madrasas across the country are imparting "education of terror". Such irresponsible comments by a Parliamentarian does not only bring embrassment to the party but also create communal tension.
Though, the BJP has distanced itself from Maharaj's comments but the opposition is accusing the party of trying to create communal polarisation by spreading "canard".

What Sakshi Maharaj said?

Maharaj on Sunday alleged that madrassas were giving "education of terrorism".
"Education of terrorism is being given in madrasas. They (madrasas)... Are making them terrorists and jihadis....It is not in national interest," he said.

Maharaj alleged that students were not being taught about nationalism in the religious schools.

"Tell me about one madrasa where tricolour is hoisted even on 15 August and 26 January," he said.
The MP said madrassas "which have no connection with nationalism" are being given Government aid.
"Most of our schools do not take the aid but it is being given to madrasas having no connection with nationalism," he said.
The remark is being seen as a repeat of what the MP said on September 7 at a programme in Etah labelling madrasas as 'hubs of terror' where 'love jihads' prospered.

Destructive politics may mar the real agenda

BJP leader Sakshi Maharaj
The Modi Government came to power on the promise of 'change'. The BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi promised to speed up the developmental pace in the country, but nothing has happened on the ground. On his side, PM Modi is leaving no stone unturned to make things better but some of his team members have single point agenda to stock controversies. The Parliamentarians indulging in such destructive politics only signifies that they are no more concentrated on the real agenda of 'development'.

Irresponsible comments could vitiate the atmosphere

The BJP MP might be delivering such statements just to remain in news but it could have several repercussions also. Such irresponsible comments will not only inflict hate and anger against the minority community but could lead to communal tension in the area. Such comments would also distrub the communal harmony in the State which is slowly emerging out of the horrific Muzaffarnagar riots.

We all know that law and order situation is not so good in the State and the chances of its improvement are less under the current Government. So, Maharaj should weigh his words before making any comments.
Sakshi Maharaj is not only BJP leader which has courted controversy by making such irresponsible comments.

Earlier, BJP leader Yogi Adityanath also spewed venom

Earlier, another BJP leader Yogi Adityanath sparked controversy by making provocative statements on similar lines. He said the Muslims in Uttar Pradesh responsible for all the riots that have took place in the State so far.
Adityanath was also seen raising the contentious issue of 'love jihad' before the Assembly bypolls.

Why BJP playing mute spectator?

What is more shocking here is the fact that instead of tightening noose around such leaders for making provocative speech, the BJP leadership has not come up with any clarification on the issue.
But as per political experts, BJP's silence and inaction on its firebrand leader's vitriolic speeches is a part of its strategy. With this, the party is sending clear signals that it is not scared of playing communal card in the state to polarise voters.
Moreover, such provocative comments could hinder Modi's plans who wants to ensure a sense of safety among the minority.
If Modi really wants to accomplish his 'ek Bharat, Shresth Bharat' dream, he needs to put an end to such "communal" rhetoric by the BJP leaders.

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