Know Constituencies of UP Assembly elections 2017: SAIDPUR

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Uttar Pradesh will go to Assembly elections early next year. The state has an Assembly comprising 403 seats. In order to form the government, a party or alliance has to win 202 seats.

Samajwadi Party had won 224 seats in the last state elections in 2012 and got decisive majority. OneIndia will take one Assembly constituency a day and have a look at electoral information related to it:

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Know UP Constituencies: SAIDPUR

Constituency Name: Saidpur
[Comprises KCs 1-Khanpur, 2-Sadat, 3-Saidpur, PCs 1-Kurban Sarai, 13- Pachrasi, 14-Turna, 15-Saichana, 20-Mahamudpur Pali, 21- Basuchak, 22-Rampur Majha, 23-Diyara Bar of 4-Nandganj KC & Saidpur NP of Saidpur Tehsil]

Constituency No- 374

District: Ghazipur
About Ghazipur district: Ghazipur is divided into seven assembly constituencies -Jakhanian, Saidpur, Ghazipur, Jangipur, Zahoorabad, Mohammadabad and Zamania. Ghazipur is a part of the Varanasi division and is known for the production of rose water, also called Gulab Jal.

  • District Area: 3,377 square kilometres
  • District population: 36,20,268
  • District literacy: 60.7%

2012 Assembly election result for Saidpur

  • Winner: Subhash
  • Winning Party: SP
  • Votes received: 90,624
  • Runner Up: America
  • Runner up party: BSP
  • Runner up votes: 48,655
  • Total votes: 1,86,488
  • Margin: 41,969
  • Margin %: 22.50
  • Turnout %: 56.79

Census data for Ghazipur district

  • Total area: 3,377 square kilometer
  • Total population: 36,20,268 out of which 18,55,075 are males and 17,65,193 are females.
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