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Kill the Bill: Reaction across the Parliament

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Manmohan Singh
New Delhi, Oct 2: Its not the ordinance that is at the centerstage now, the entire attention has now shifted to the game of power between the ruling and the opposition who are fighting for the credit of the ordinance rollback (if at all). On the other hand, there is a debate on whether or not the PM should resign.

The ideas are varied, granted. But somehow, all of them seem to have cornered Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Ordinance. Let's see what the who's who have to say about the Ordinance and the Prime Minister.

Arvind Kejriwal: I have been talking to the common people. Everyone thinks that its impossible that the Prime minister Manmohan Singh could have passed the Ordinance without the knowledge of the Gandhis. All of it is a political drama and I fail to understand why the Prime Minister is comprmising his chair and position for such a thing.

First they (Congress) introduced the Bill and then Rahul Gandhi comes in and declares it as a "nonsense". Clearly, this is a double-play by the Congress in order to satisfy the mass.

Kejriwal further said that this is a political tactic by the ruling party to capture the ruling and the opposition spaces. "But, people are not fools", he said. As far as the position of the Prime Minister is concerned, he has not been voted by the people but for his alliance to a particular family. Had that not been the case, the situation would have been different.

Trinamool Congress: Criticizing Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi's reaction to the ordinance, TMC leaders say that after the Cabinet has approved of something, it is "bad manners" to nonsense it. Every party has its own decision and the party should discuss it and come up with a common decision.

Congress MP Sandeep Dikshit: BJP playing double game. It is purely Rahul's effort that the bill has been withdrawn. Ordinance was brought to safeguard false cases and implications. Hence, it should be sent to the standi- ng committee.

Sitaram Yechuri: Am happy if the Ordinnace is rolled back. There is no point passing it as i is against the democracy of the country.

DMK: There was no hurry to pass it; it should have been discussed within the party and then passed.

Arun Jaitley: The ordinance is being rolled back due to dynastic compulsions. The ruling party is run by a dynasty and not by the Prime Minister.

Nitish Kumar: Clearly, the leader has decided to go soft on the Congress, saying that if somebody is correcting a mistake, there is nothing wrong in it.

Samajwadi Party: SP Leader Naresh Agarwal states that if the Prime Minister rolls back the ordinance, it would be a shame for the Prime Minister's chair. Clearly, the SP opposes the rollback.

Amid the huge uproar and the heated debate, the PM has spoken to his allies and has spoken about withdrawing the bill. Sources say that the final decision would be taken in the Cabinet meet to be held soon. However, UPA Alliances are not happy about the rumors of the rollback.

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